Open registration began today, and we are already over 10% filled even as I post this blog, so register now!

Here are the reasons you should not wait to register:
1. The race closed out last year with a cap of 300 it will cap out again this year, and we expect much sooner. Don’t be shut out.
2. It helps Lucky and all the volunteers if we get registrations in early. They can focus on sponsors and putting together great SWAG for the event, and we all know it’s all about the SWAG!
3. If something comes up on Saturday that you can’t make the swim, you can still do the virtual swim Friday evening and get the SWAG.
4. You are helping the Lake Cane Restoration Society keep the lake clean.  All proceeds go to the 501c3 charitable organization (Not to Lucky’s Cayman Island getaway fund as some have suggested)
5. We are releasing three times as many alligators at the start of the race as we did last year, more for your money.

DON’T FREAK OUT when you go to the registration form, and it asks whether you a USMS Swimmer or a USA swimmer  you don’t have to be either you can still register.  USMS and USA registered swimmers get a discount because of insurance.

For more race details go to

This year we will have medals for all swimmers that survive the swim as well as age group 1-3 medals and, of course, Gold Silver and Bronze for the overall and “swimmer of the ages” division.


Register Now!

The event is also the Global Swim Series American Championship Race!