We have been having major problems with the blog posts.  We have not been able to send out for a couple of months and the last one nobody could open.  Hope everything is now fixed.  We got some email lists merged and there may be a few of you that did not subscribe to the blog and if this is the case my apologies, just click the unsubscribe and you should be fine.  Thanks, Lucky

Everyone used to say nobody will be able to break Lucky’s lake swim record set by True Sweetser four years ago with a time of 11:35.5. Well, they were wrong.  The record was broken yesterday by a lot. 11:17.0 is the new standard. And, who was the inhuman machine that could possibly beat True, well, it was True Sweetser. True broke his ow n record, and if he would have swam straight he was on pace to break the 11 minute barrier.  True had to swim four crossings to warm up before attempting the record. His fourth swim was 12 minutes flat and True said “now I’m ready to swim fast” only in True’s world a 12 minute crossing is not swimming fast.

Hold’ em or fold’em for Lake Cane Restoration Society’s 1st Annual Texas Hold’em Tournament. Not familiar with the terms “Hold’em or fold’em”?? Not to worry! We will have expert professional dealers at your service to teach you how to play, how to use the lingo, and sound and play like a pro!

As a reminder, BIG PRIZES will be awarded to our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of $300, $200, and $100. (If you’d like to donate something for a prize, reply to this email.) Food, beverages, wine, and beer included in registration for all! $40 registration donation per adult, $20 registration donation for students 18+, and $10 donation for extra chips during the tournament. Doors open at 6:15 pm this coming Friday at Lucky’s Lake House.


New Record for Lucky’s Lake Swim. 11:17 by True Sweeter on his 5th crossing. That’s the key to setting a record don’t start trying until your fifth crossing.

Not too late to join Lucky in Texas Hold’em tonight. Great Old Maid’s hand Lucky, but that won’t work tonight. Lucky sucks at cards and will be learning how to play tonight as well. We have beginner tables to learn. A few seats are still left. Sign up at www.LakeCane.com

Congrats to Rod Crowley. Got his first three milestones all on the same day. He was too tired after his first two milestones to be able to walk up to the wall of fame. He wore a wet suit today so with the aid he had enough energy.

Laura Hermann (From Ohio) got her 25 cap today. Key words are “from Ohio”. We know folks that live across the road that have  swam for 5 years and still haven’t gotten their 25 cap. Strong work Laura