Thanksgiving day swim is on for 7:45am some are still swimming without wetsuits but the majority are wearing them now.  True Sweetser will be joining us in the morning.  He holds the Lucky’s Lake Swim Record of 11:35.5 and he also is the Golden Mile Gold Medalist and record holder.  True will be attempting to break his own record (Lucky swam faster than 11:35 last week, but then he had to swim back).

Black Friday and Saturday will both also be 7:45 swims.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Texas hold’em tournament on Black Friday for the Lake Cane Restoration Society. Lucky and Jacquie will be hosting the event at their home.  It will be a fun night and you don’t have to know how to play as we will have beginner tables that open a 6:30pm. All the aces that Lucky had hidden around the house have been identified and disposed of. First prize is $300, Second $200 and Third $100. Find out more details and sign up at We have a 50 seat limit so sign up ASAP! Over twenty seats are already taken. Sign up now you will probably win.

How can you justify three helpings of dessert without other family members giving you the stink eye. Why, swimming Lucky’s Lake Swim. Not only do you get to punch your man card, but you get to be first in line and get seconds as many times as you want. It’s the law.

The question is often asked around these parts who could possibly beat True Sweetser’s record. The answer is simple, True Sweetser. He will be swimming tomorrow and I promise you it will be an epic swim.

Recap of the 2019 Golden Mile below if you have not seen it.