Lots going on at Lucky’s Lake Swim. The blog has been down for the last several weeks due to hosting errors, but now appears fixed. If you see this post on facebook, but normally, you would get this in an email re-signup for the email posts.

This Saturday, November 23rd, we will have a reporter and photographer from the villages doing a story on the lake swim. The water is like spring temperature, so swimmable without a wet suit, but if you are a wimp, you can come as a member of the esteemed Lucky’s Lake Swim black stuffed sausage group. The important thing is that you attend Saturday and represent (even if you wear a sausage suit). Remember is this is your chance at fame and fortune, but more likely cold toes and wrinkled fingers.

Black Friday Evening
Texas Hold’em Charity Tournament 1st Annual for the Lake Cane Restoration Society at Lucky and Jacquie’s big house. Fifty player limit.

” Doors open 6:15 pm Beginners tables open at 6:45 pm tournament starts at 7:30 pm tournament over at 10:30 pm

Just when you thought all the charity events were over this year, one more rears it’s angry head. Even if you have never played Texas Holdem, watched it on TV, or seen the movie Rounders, that’s okay because we will have beginners tables for the first 45 minutes. Professional dealers will teach you how to play, and when the tournament starts, you will be playing like a pro. You will learn the basic lingo of the game, and they will share Lucky’s tells with you (his most common tell is him saying shit, shit, shit, and pounding the table with his head when he gets dealt a bad hand. A few seconds later, he will have forgotten (likely due to pounding his head on the table) and will try to bluff).

The is a great parent-college child who returned home for the holiday outing. $40 donation for registration adult, $20 donation for registration Student 18+ 

There will be opportunities to donate for more chips if you run out during the tournament. There will be food and drinks at the event.

First prize $300

Second place $200

Third place $100

More prizes may be added (If you would like to donate something for a prize, please contact Jay or Lucky)

Sign up quickly at www.LakeCane.com (we already have ten signed up even before this is posted and we have a 50 seat limit which we will fill)


Lucky is ready for the Black Friday evening charity Texas Holdem tournament for the Lake Cane Restoration Society. Fifty seats available and ten have already been reserved. Sign up now it will be a good time. And no Lucky will not be allowed to play any hands with a 7 in them. Even if you don’t know how to play Dealers will teach you and Lucky sucks at poker so you will at least beat him. Great prizes and lots of fun. Sign up Here  

We just received notification that we have an officially registered the trademark Golden Mile ® for a recap of the Golden Mile® watch the video below

A short video of our local Special Olympics team and open water swimming.

Stephanie DeCarli gets her 200K club shirt. She got a choice of a large or a large or a large. It looks like she picked out a large.

Bryan Ott scores his 100 K club cap even though he developed a palsy in his right hand. Or is that some kind of gang sign?