The frogman 5K black ops swim is this Saturday Nov 9th it is not too late to sign up but time is running out sign up now.

Great News!  We just got official word that we have received official trademark status for the “Golden Mile”  so it will now be Golden Mile®

Wondering how to prepare for the Nights-Ops 5k? Thinking you need to eat a lot of delicious food the night before the Night-Ops 5K? You are right! And you are in luck – November 8th there will be the 3rd annual dinner at the Big Fin in loving memory of Cesar’s son Giovanni. It’s always a great time. First, register for the Swim Guzzler’s Night Ops swim…then get your gourmet food and fun at the BIG FIN a week from tonight!  Information Here.

A short recap of the Inaugural Golden Mile in the video below.  We expect to fill the race again so if you want early notification of when entries open please go to and sign up for early notification.  If you registered last year or are on the board of Lake Cane Restoration Society you will get early registration notification automatically.

We will be hosting the 2022 open water swim for Special Olympics National Championships in 2022.  A little promo piece is below about our local Special Olympics swim team.


Meghan Hudak breaks the woman’s 25-29 record with a time of 17:46 and gets her 100K club on the same day. Definitely an overachiever.

Now that Ron and digger are mostly M.I.A. from the lake swim the question arises who is now our official lake swim photo bomber. I think the answer is clearly in the foreground. We wanted the position taken over by someone more photogenic than Ron but the pay is crappy and you get what you pay for.

Mary Hollaway busts (the slot was open but don’t tell anyone) 75-79 record for women with a time of 32:31 and she did her 300th crossing on the same day. She also becomes the first Lucky’s Lake Swimmer to hold records in three different age groups at the same time. In her free time she likes solving quantum physics problems. Yet another overachiever. 

Trent Smith scores is 200K club shirt. He wanted an extra small so his muscles would bulge out but we only had large.

Bob Shuler or the incredible Hulk, you decide. No wait, the Incredible Hulk did not swim the lake 200 times so it must be Bob Shuler.