Great swimming weather the last several days the water temp has been in the low 80s which is great.  Visibility has been good and the gator count is low.  It’s that time of year to consider renewing or establishing your commitment to playing underwater hockey.

Congratulations to the Lake Cane Restoration Society it has been named “Citizen of the Year” for Orange County District one. There will be a ceremony on Saturday where they will be showering us with gold doubloons and spraying frankincense on Jay. Saturday night is our swim, bonfire, and smores night.  We will light the fire at 7pm, swim, cook smores and then throw them at Jay until he stops smelling of frankincense. Fun evening.  Bring the kids, feed them smores, take them home and watch them run on the ceiling.

Make sure you sign up for the Rowdy & Lucky 1.5 K swim time is running out.

Lucky would like to thank everyone for all the toilet paper everyone brought for his birthday. He has been using it wisely. Lucky assures us that there will not be a repeat of last year where there were several homes TPed of lake swimmers that were not showing up at Underwater hockey.


Oct 5th (Saturday Evening) Bonfire and S’mores Swim (Swim lake at 7pm, set bonfire, cook S’mores (provided), BYOB and anything else you want to cook on the Bonfire. Swimmer’s families welcome.

Oct 13th Rowdy and Lucky 1.5K swim Sign UP Now

Oct 17th  Butterfly Mann day.  Swim 1000 fly that day and get the butterflymann sticker.

Nov 9th 6th annual Lucky’s Lake Night Ops 5K Frogman Swim Sign up Now!


Easter April 12th, 2020 Eat-Pray-Swim  sunrise service (7:02am)

May 23rd 2020 2nd Annual Golden Mile (mark it on your calendars!)

Midnight Swim July 3rd 2020

When lucky said he won big on the games in Vegas this is what he really meant.  Jacquie stood there the entire time saying “We could be watching Donnie and Marie, but nooooo. The real reason people go to Vegas is to see the Pinball museum”