Sept. 12th Lake Cane Restoration Society Meeting – Everyone is welcome to attend. This meeting will be held in the “Lake House” which is the house next to Lucky’s (to the left as you are looking at Lucky’s House).  There will be food, drink, music, dancing and drugs. (we still have to confirm the music, dancing and drugs part).

Oct 5th (Saturday Evening) Bonfire and S’mores Swim (Swim lake at 7pm, set bonfire, cook S’mores (provided), BYOB and anything else you want to cook on the Bonfire. Swimmer’s families welcome.

Oct 13th Rowdy and Lucky 1.5K swim Sign UP Now

Oct 17th  Butterfly Mann day.  Swim 1000 fly that day and get the butterflymann sticker.

Nov 9th 6th annual Lucky’s Lake Night Ops 5K Frogman Swim Sign up Now!


Easter April 12th, 2020 Eat-Pray-Swim  sunrise service (7:02am)

May 23rd 2020 2nd Annual Golden Mile (mark it on your calendars!)

Midnight Swim July 3rd 2020

Yes, even Buddy the Gator likes his tri suit. So if your in a triathlon and see a large headed swimmer approaching, think wolf in sheep skin, just saying…

Okay lets play name that curmudgeon!! If you guessed George Mann you are right. That’s what he looked like a quarter century ago. George is one of the pioneer Lucky’s Lake Swimmers and has been swimming regular for 30 years. Oct 17th we celebrate ButterflyMann day. Swimmers that do the crossing that day butterfly receives the butterflyMann sticker. Something to live for!

Lucky tries out the uni-wheel hover board. It did not go well. He will be sticking to swimming and underwater hockey.

Estevan and Steven show off their new tri suits. Normally Lucky hires supermodels for promotions such as this, but I can’t tell a difference. Yes, that is Estevan trying to make a muscle. Good try Estevan!!!