Wow! about two hundred showed up for this morning’s swim, which was unexpected.  Thankfully with the new parking area parking was not an issue. Sadly we saw some cars parked that did not proudly display their I survived Lucky’s Lake Swim bumper stickers. I can only assume that not all people want to go to heaven because I’m pretty sure that is on the checklist.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) the swim will be back at the regular time of 6:30 am.  The question has arisen, if you have to swim to get to the lake swim, because of the hurricane, does that count as an extra crossing?  We have checked with Lucky, and he says no.  He can be such a hard ass at times.


Several swimmers tried out underwater hockey after the swim. They all discovered underwater hockey is the sport of the gods. The Orlando team plays Monday Wednesday and Fridays at the Rosen YMCA Aquatic Center.  If you read the fine print of your Lucky’s Lake Swim contract you will see attending at least one practice is mandatory.

True Sweetser popped out another 7 crossings today to get his white cap. He dragged his sister Marisa out as well. She did 5 crossings for her first time. I would say it’s in the genes.


                                                                                                                                             UPCOMING EVENTS

Sept. 12th Lake Cane Restoration Society Meeting – Everyone is welcome to attend. This meeting will be held in the “Lake House” which is the house next to Lucky’s (to the left as you are looking at Lucky’s House).  There will be food, drink, music, dancing and drugs. (we still have to confirm the music, dancing and drugs part).

Oct 5th (Saturday Evening) Bonfire and S’mores Swim (Swim lake at 7pm, set bonfire, cook S’mores (provided), BYOB and anything else you want to cook on the Bonfire. Swimmer’s families welcome.

Oct 13th Rowdy and Lucky 1.5K swim Sign UP Now

Oct 17th  Butterfly Mann day.  Swim 1000 fly that day and get the butterflymann sticker.

Nov 9th 6th annual Lucky’s Lake Night Ops 5K Frogman Swim Sign up Now!


Easter April 12th, 2020 Eat-Pray-Swim  sunrise service (7:02am)

May 23rd 2020 2nd Annual Golden Mile (mark it on your calendars!)

Midnight Swim July 3rd 2020