Thanks to the Hammerhead Swim Cap company who were also sponsors of the Golden Mile we now have award hammerhead swim caps for our 2000 K club members.  Just in time too, as Pete Gold is less than 40 crossings away from this milestone.  Of course, there is no grandfathering in for this award everybody must start from number 1 as of 6/21/19 to get the cap. We figure we will give the first one out in 5 years from now.

Tomorrow is national rat catchers day and we have celebrated this week by catching seven rats around the swim shack . . . and everyone was blaming Luna for the missing food.

Sept. 12th Lake Cane Restoration Society Meeting – Everyone is welcome to attend.

Oct 13th Rowdy and Lucky 1.5K swim Sign UP Now

Oct 17th  Butterfly Mann day.  Swim 1000 fly that day and get the butterflymann sticker.

Nov 9th 6th annual Lucky’s Lake Night Ops 5K Frogman Swim 

Due to all the hate texts that Lucky has received from the no grandfathering in announcement, he has reluctantly agreed that all your crossings will count toward the 2000K club cap (Even Ron’s).

Dayle Peabody scores his 200K shirt only 1800 crossings more to get that hammerhead swim cap.

We know folks hate it when we let newborns swim, but we only let him go to the first buoy and then we made him come back. He could have gone farther but his diaper swelled to the size of a basketball and there was just too much drag.

John Collingwood earns his gold cap this weekend (1000K club) It was more miles than the channel and he didn’t nearly die getting the cap.