Happy National French Fry Day!  Come swim the lake and then go eat french fries.  If you wear a wetsuit and put some frozen fries inside it   the fries will be nice and warm and ready to eat when you finish swimming.

Oct 13th Rowdy and Lucky 1.5K swim Sign UP Now

Oct 17th  Butterfly Mann day.  Swim 1000 fly that day and get the butterflymann sticker.

Jacquie and Lucky chilling in at Grand Cayman. They made a new friend while there. He told them he was a third cousin of the Lake Cane Monster by marriage. 

These brave souls did the amazing!  Midnight swim followed by the 7:45am fourth of July Swim. The movie shown was “The Meg” which surprised everyone because Lucky keeps such a great secret.

Lucky and son (John VII) unfurl the Lucky’s lake Swim banner in Grand Cayman 12 feet down. We have had a lot of questions about getting these towels.  We have some left from the Golden Mile.  You can get them for a $20 donation to the Lake Cane Restoration society.  We unfortunately can’t mail them out, you have to get them at one of the swims.