We have the midnight swim coming up on July 3rd.  Movie starts at 9:40pm and the swim immediately after the movie finishes (we have checked the lake cane monster sonar and he/she is very active for this time of year).  First time midnight swimmers that actually survive the swim (we always have a few, although most are a bit mangled ) will get the patch. You must watch the movie and do the swim to get the patch. We are giving away extra stuff left over from the Golden Mile at the midnight swim. We are also handing out Golden Mile towels for a $20 donation to the Lake Cane Restoration Society.  If you are interested in a Lucky’s Lake Swim Tri-suit they are doing a fitting before the movie and taking orders at the event.

Holiday Schedule

Monday       July 1st    6:30 am
Tuesday       July 2nd   6:30 am
Wednesday  July 3rd   6:30am           Midnight swim immediately following the Movie. Movie starts at 9:40PM
Thursday       July 4th  7:45am
Friday            July 5th  7:45am
Saturday        July 6th  7:45am

Not only a great shopping bag but a fantastic way to display all of your patches and to carry body parts that are torn off during the midnight swim. We are giving out extras before the movie on July 3rd. Inside the bag is not blood proof so bring a plastic liner if needed.

Lucky is sworn to secrecy on the Midnight film title. Even if you pull all of his 26 fingernails out one by one he will not reveal the title.

You get this very cool patch the first time you survive the midnight swim. Definitely something to risk your life for.

Fitting for Lucky’s Lake Swim Tri – suits will be at Movie night on July 3rd. If you have even a modicum of fashion sense you will be wearing one of these in your next race.

The YCF Orlando underwater hockey club got 5th place at Nationals. All but one of the players are Lucky’s Lake swimmers. Just a reminder that in the fine print of the Lucky’s Lake Swim release form you have all agreed to try underwater hockey. A few of you have not done this yet, You know who you are.

Joshua Montemayor, Lucie Cardinal, Jeni James, and Chris Martin ALL get their 100K on the same day. First time we have ever had four swimmers hit this milestone on the same day. You would think they would have gotten something, more special, but no.

Estevon Torres and Paul Chard received Chinese twin shirts, but were later separated in a two hour tailoring operation. They are both now, individually, in the 200K club.

OMG what happened to the other half of Mi’s flip flops? Are they flips or flops I don’t know. Please contact the FBI if you find the missing portion. There is an extremely large no reward for the missing piece. Please don’t ask Mi about the missing piece, she still believes that they were made that way.

A few folks did not pick up their awards at the Lucky’s Lake Swim Golden Mile. We have the awards in the Swimex room waiting for you. It offends the racing gods if you don’t pick up your awards.