Fourth of July Schedule

Wednesday July 3rd  Regular swim at 6:30 AM  plus Midnight Swim at 9:40pm (see scary water monster movie and then swim in the dark)

Thursday July 4th  Lake Swim at 7:45 AM  (only legends will try the midnight swim plus the morning swim together)

Friday July 5th Lake Swim at 7:45 AM (Sorry if you have to work the rest of us will be swimming)

Saturday July 6th Lake Swim at 7:45 AM

The above swimmers not only won their respective age groups in the Lucky’s Lake Swim Golden Mile they also won titles as the Global Swim Series American Championship winners. All these winners also set course records for their age groups. The course records will be posted as soon as Lucky gets his lazy butt out of the massage chair and in front of his computer, but for the time being the results above are the course records. Award certificates are being mailed.


Thanks to everyone who supported the Eat-Pray-Swim Easter Service. The offerings were all given to the Edgewood’s Children’s Ranch ($3,250.00) Although there was a last-ditch effort by Lucky to snag the check and run during the presentation, Jay and Tom quickly tackled him. The check was snatched from his hands, and Tom gave Lucky a noogie while saying, “I worked too hard keeping you awake during the sermon to let this money go to waste.” Lucky repented but was heard muttering under his breath next time I’ll try to swim away with the check. Forewarned for next year as the Edgewood Children’s Ranch will be the charity again for the Eat Pray Swim. We have our eyes on you, Lucky.

Some of you may not have seen this cake at the Golden Mile, but it is worth showing again. Amazing detail. A work of art, so much so, that Sotheby’s contacted Lucky’s Lake swim and said they could sell it at their auction for a million dollars. Several folks offered up their stomach contents, but Sotheby’s said it was too digested to do a full restoration of the art piece.

Major award winners at the Golden Mile. Gold, Silver and Bronze medalists for overall open and Swimmer of the Ages (SOA) division. Carlie Rose (gold-open and female course record breaker) Karyn Austin (Bronze SOA) Nathaniel Chon (bronze-open) Alixandra Roy(Silver-Open) Joshua Brown (Silver-Open) Coco Roy (Bronze-Open) Lucky (who is photobombing in place of Sara McLarty who won the gold-SOA) Brooke Bennett (Silver-SOA) Josh Davis (Silver-SOA) Robert Terry Livingston (Bronze – SOA) True Sweetwer (Gold-Open and course record holder male) Eric Christensen (Gold- SOA)

Dynamic Duo participants. Twenty-five swimmers did the Dynamic Duo this year (Lucky’s Lake Swim followed by the Beattie swim). It was especially surprising because there has been an enormous gator seen swimming around the Beattie’s house the week before the race. We thought the numbers would be lower as the Beattie’s told Lucky about the gator. Although some were upset finding out about the gator, Lucky stated he was very clear and vocal about the presence of the gator, and he didn’t understand all the angst. Next time he promises to tell everyone before the race rather than after.

Carrot Top with the 2020 Lucky’s Lake Swim Golden Mile Gold Medal. He tells Lucky he is motivated and will “think” about doing a swimming workout every night right before he falls asleep. May 23rd, 2020 is the date. That’s a lot of “thinking” time. 

Wednesday, July 3rd. Movie at 9:40 pm swim after the feature. You must watch the film and swim both to get the patch. Only first-time midnight swimmers get the patch (if you already have the patch you don’t get another). No hints on the movie (see below). The movie is a secret (see below). Lucky has been waterboarded and not revealed the movie (see below). Guess you will have to show up to find out what movie will be played because we are not going to tell you (see below).

Lucky says “No hints this year on the movie that will be shown. Jacquie has tried to trick me in revealing the movie, but I am always one step ahead, I have eyes in the back of my head, nothing sneaks up on me”.

Joe, we have your shirt. We are holding it ransom. The ransom payment is for you to get back in the lake and do another crossing. Do not call the police or FBI or we will harm the shirt. We expect prompt payment. We are not kidding. The shirt says she loves you, but if you don’t make good on the ransom next week we will cut off her tag. We mean business.

Lucky with 1000K club member Gregg Dedic. Gregg won the men’s Cognitive Disabled Division at the Golden Mile with a time of 28:01.9 He finished 95th overall. When you see Gregg give him a fist bump, but let it be known he prefers silver dollars.

Lucky with Lauren Bergquist. Lauren won the women’s cognitive disabled division with a time of 40:51.7 she was 217th.  Lucky is taking the opportunity to do product placement in the photo with a Hammerhead swim cap (or he is carefully concealing giving the photographer the finger for being told that he should not photobomb Lauren’s picture).  Hammerhead swim caps was one of the many sponsors for the Golden Mile.

Guess what just rocked the French fashion week! The Fédération française de la Couture has designated the Lucky’s Lake Swim Tri-suit a fashion industry breakthrough, but there is a catch. You must be a Lucky’s Lake Swimmer to be able to order the suit.  Madonna wanted one, and we said nay, nay young lady not until you prove yourself worthy. You can talk to Ben at the lake swim or get order forms at the swim shack or find out more information on the Lucky’s Lake Swim facebook page.

Chris Stalder, a faculty member at Leu Gardens and apiarist (you will have to look that word up yourself) trying to explain the plant box to Lucky. Chris “Lucky this is a plant box” LuckyHow did it grow so fast it’s legs are like small trees” Chris “No, Lucky, we installed the box and put a native plant in it as an educational display.” LuckyShouldn’t you call it, a box with a plant if you are trying to be educational, you shouldn’t be so confusing.Chris “The plant growing in the box is called Bidens alba, and it goes by . . .” LuckyStop right there I know what Biden’s alba means. Biden is former Vice President Joe Biden, and Alba is Latin for white, and I think we all know Joe Biden is white, but we here at Lucky’s Lake Swim are apolitical (unless we are in the hot tub) and we will not be endorsing any plant named for a candidate running for president“. Chris “Now I clearly understand why they call Jacquie, Saint Jacquie, but let me clarify the plant is not named for Joe Biden or his ethnicity it is known in lay terms as Shepard’s needles. It has a deep root system which is great for lakefronts and filtration, plus it is a beneficial plant for bees and butterflies, and you can eat the leaves because they contain many nutrients. LuckyI only eat vegetarians so I will wait until I see one eating the leaves and then I will find out how many nutrients the plant has. Chris ” we are also planning on putting a couple of other native Florida plants in the box as well. Lucky “Well make sure it’s not a Trumpet vine they don’t do well growing next to Bidens I don’t want them throwing pollen at each other. Chris, “I am going home and taking a Tylenol.” LuckyOkay, and I’m going to look up what an apiarist is, but I am pretty sure it is someone who likes sitting on piers.”

Lucky convincing Sara McLarty (who won the women’s gold medal in the swimmer of the ages division) that the award ceremony would be the following day, so that he could photobomb in her place with the major award winners. Shame, shame, Lucky, have you no conscience.

I wish someone would put an iceberg in lake cane right now.

We had tons of fantastic volunteers at the Golden Mile, but non of them dropped more sweat into the breakfast foods than these guys and gals. Many thanks to all the volunteers.

The Meisenheimer boys with District commissioner Betsy VanderLay. She has nominated the Lake Cane Restoration Society (LCRS) as citizen of the year for Orange county, which is surprising as the LCRS does not have a social security number, and may just be hanging around on an expired green card.

Nine Olympic Gold medals are represented in this photo. Josh Davis, Brooke Bennett and Rowdy Gaines all were Triple Olympic Gold medalists. Combined together they won more gold than Michael Phelps did in the 2008 Olympics with only eight, see Michael your not all that great after all.

L Gu