Six days until the Golden Mile and the entry slots are rapidly being filled.  Remember we are capped at 300.

One question answered: Are Hammerhead race caps race legal in the Golden Mile? Absolutely! We know they will give you an advantage in any swim race, but they are race legal, so go for it. Hammerhead will be selling caps at the race venue, but will have a limited number so don’t tarry on buying one when you arrive, if you are planning on wearing it in the race in on Saturday.

Here’s why you should be signing up tonight.
-30th Anniversary of Lucky’s Lake Swim, The Inaugural Golden Mile, The Global Swim Series American Championships race, Real Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for the three overall fastest swimmers and for the 3 fastest in the “swimmer of the ages” division, regular medals for all age groups, Olympic gold medalists attending the race, a band, a documentary crew, drone coverage, huge breakfast, great SWAG and all proceeds go to charity, LCRS “swim a mile – save a lake”.

If reading the above has not convinced you to sign up please watch the following short video twice.  Thank You, The management.

Here is my Game of Thrones spoiler final episode  starts in a couple of minutes. Daenerys tells the dragon to flame Jon Snow, she walks down to the fireball and Jon’s valyrian steel sword runs her through the heart, he walks out of the fire unscathed as he is a Targaryen, he then gets on the dragon and flies off. Boom end of story.