Only seven days left to register for the Golden Mile so don’t get left out register now!  For those that choose not to register, we will have a way for you to repent. You must walk naked from the gate to the dock through a crowd of golden mile swimmers while Gene (who is 87 and swimming the Golden mile) walks behind you ringing a bell chanting shame! shame!  For those that are not Game of Thrones fans we will figure something else out for you. Please don’t forget that the Golden Mile is the only fund raising event we have this year for the Lake Cane Restoration Society. All proceeds from the event go to this charity.   “Swim a Mile Save a Lake” and send Jay Madigan on a vacation to the Fiji Islands. Whoops Freudian slip there, Jay will not be going to the Fiji Islands, or at least that’s what he wants you to think.

Please remember there is no regular Lucky’s Lake swim next Saturday if you want to swim next Saturday register for the Golden Mile. All swimmers registered this year will get first notice of registration opening for next year. Register NOW!

We could use your help if you are not swimming please sign up to volunteer here. We have ways for volunteers to volunteer and swim so even if you are registered we have a volunteer slot for you.

We need a chaperone swimmer for one of our Special Olympic athletes, but there is a catch he swims the mile in about 24 minutes so you have to be fairly fast. Please let Lucky know if you are willing to do a chaperone swim. (  We will get a sponsor for your swim if you are willing to chaperone.

Hammerhead swim caps will have a booth and will be selling caps prior to the race. The caps are race legal and will give you an advantage (you can be sure Lucky will be wearing one). They will have a limited number available so it is first come first served. Check out the video below.

If your business would like to donate some Lucky Time prizes we are looking for a few more items in around the $100 range to give away. Please contact Lucky or Jay.

The 30th annual Beattie Lake swim is June first. The Golden Mile is a great warm up swim for this event. See more about the Beattie lake Swim Below.

Check out the Golden Mile sign hanging in the window of Bubbalou’s Next time you eat there thank them for placing the sign, and bring me home a sliced pork sandwich with mild BBQ sauce. What the heck are those shoes Lucky is wearing?? Register for the Golden Mile Now!

tommy ramirez aka tommy2 is now a member of the hundred K club. We did not use caps in his name because we are edgy!