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Some Fake news about the Lucky’s Lake Swim Golden Mile is corrected below.

  1. You can only get the SWAG (goody bag) if you race. Fake News!  You can register and still get all the great swag by doing our virtual Golden Mile Swim on Friday at 5pm the day before the race. You will not be eligible for awards or be chip timed (and who wants a chip implanted in their head anyway),  but remember all money goes to charity (The Lake Cane Restoration Society) which works hard to keep the lake swimmable for everyone. Just email Lucky at and let him know you are doing the virtual swim on Friday and he will have your swag ready for you .
  2. Kids under 18 can’t swim. Fake News! We have all age groups in this swim 10under, 11-12, 13-14, 15-18, 19-24, 25–29, 30-34 and so on.
  3. Only the 3 fastest swimmers get awards. Fake News!! Although it is true that the fastest will get real gold, silver and bronze awards; however all age groups will have regular medals for first through third and other stuff . check out the awards here.
  4. I’m slow so I won’t win anything. Fake News! We have several “Lucky Time” prizes.Random times will be drawn and the time closest to the “Lucky Time” without going over will win a prizes.
  5. The breakfast costs $25. Fake News! Breakfast is free for all registered swimmers and volunteers. Spectators can purchase a breakfast for $10.
  6. Regular lake swimmers that don’t register for the race will lose their hot tub privileges. Fake News!  They will lose their shower and bathroom privileges plus any semblance of honor that they might have had.

Register now for the Golden Mile Click Here

Yep, this is what a gold medal looks like hot off the press. Swim really, really fast and win one. If you are not Micheal Phelps fast, no worries, we have other awards for non-mutant swimmers.

The four Gold medalists will be getting season passes to Universal Studios!!! We also will be giving out a Universal Studios gift basket to some “Lucky Time” winner. It could be you but not if you don’t register!

Lauren Bergquist and father Dennis. Lauren set the female Special Olympics record for Lucky’s Lake Swim with a time of 24.38 Lauren is swimming the Golden Mile and she wants to know what’s your excuse is for not swimming! Register Now for the Golden Mile.

Lucky and Jacquie along with sons Jake and Maximus all made the final table in the American Water Works Texas Hold’em charity tournament. His son Maximus placed 3rd busting Lucky’s attempted lesson plan that gambling does not pay. Glenn, Craig and Jay were there as well, and they all walked away with pockets full of chips, the tortilla kind.

Lucky with several members of the Masters National underwater hockey team. Yes they all swam with fins and snorkels.

100K club members if you have not picked up your license plate holder stop by the wall of fame for yours after your next swim. If Tom asks you for $100 handling fee when you pick it up please also leave your bank account numbers and pins as he has a Nigerian prince that wants to put several million dollars in your account.