Records are made to be broken, and that’s just what the Blue Dolphin swim team did this morning.  Twenty-five swimmers fit into the hot tub breaking the previous record of twenty-three.  Many of the record breakers today have stated they would now quit the sport of swimming, as being part of the record, all their wildest dreams had been met. Then Lucky reminded them of The Golden Mile, and they all decided to keep swimming because that is certainly something to live for.

Easter Sunday tomorrow at 7:13 am.  Don’t forget to bring chairs and/or a blanket to sit on. You don’t have to swim to attend, and families are welcome.  Come a little early for the best parking.

Sign up for the Golden Mile tomorrow at the Easter Swim.  For all you Luddites out there that don’t know how to use a computer bring a credit card with you, and we can get you electronically signed up for the race during all the Easter festivities. It doesn’t even have to be your credit card as long as the payment goes through.

New hot tub world record set by the Blue Dolphin swim team. Twenty-five swimmers in the tub at one time. So many proud parents out there. And you were worried that your kids might not be successful in life. 










Yes, other Easter Services in town have cross envy. Look at the size of our cross. Pastor Tom says if Lucky keeps on posting stuff like that there will be a crucification immediately after the service in Lucky’s honor.