Two significant events coming up at Lucky’s Lake Swim

Easter Swim at sunrise on Sunday Morning (7:13 am).  The swim will wake you up after the sermon, and the pancake breakfast will be an excellent reward for completing the swim. (Just joking about the “wake you up part” nobody has ever fallen asleep during one of Tom’s sermons, Lucky has tried, but Tom has an extendable cattle prod for these circumstances. Lucky whines a lot, but he does stay awake.  Remember to bring folding chairs or a blanket to sit on. It sounds like there may be some press at the event so don’t dress like you are getting ready to go dumpster diving (Lucky this comment is specifically directed to you). Actually, there is no dress code, super casual is fine which can mean just wearing a speedo.

Not too late to volunteer at the Easter Eat Pray Swim  Click Here to Volunteer.

Golden Mile- Register Now.  We will have a table set up at the Easter swim to help you register if you need hand holding.

All the great swag and awards are coming in for the Golden Mile, but you can’t earn any of this cool stuff without registering.









Audrey’s winning LCRS photo contest photo, and yes she did spend all the award money in one place.