It seems strange the National Day of Awesomeness falls on a day we are not having Lucky’s Lake Swim, but if you do one awesome thing today make it registering for the Golden Mile Swim on May 25th. We are trying to get the word out to all the current Lucky’s Lake Swimmers before the event goes national, so regulars have a chance to sign up before the swim fills.  Don’t procrastinate as once the slots are gone, no matter how big a tantrum you throw, you are outside looking in at all the cool people. There will be only ONE inaugural Golden Mile, so make sure you are part of the club.

It looks like spring open water swim season is now open.  We had over 100 swimmers on Saturday and an amazing 28 first timers (and no we were not giving out free e-cigarettes as the rumor mill suggested).

Only 42 days until the Easter Sunrise (Eat Pray Swim) event.  Tell your friends.

Happy National Awesomeness Day! These two are awesome because they not only scored their 25K caps but they have already signed up for THE GOLDEN MILE!

Winter Park water polo girls team trying to set the hot tub capacity record. Sorry, you lose. The current record is 23 (true fact, not fake news).


Rob Humphreys scores his 100K club cap and checks Buddy the Gator for enlarged lymph nodes.

Not only does Sonny get sworn into the 200K club he gets a lawn chair named in his honor.

Vacation dilemma – do I sit in the shade of the coconut tree or do I go swimming?  Lucky chose to swim in the water under the coconut tree, which is not the answer we were looking for.

First timers. Apparently from this photo you must conclude that it requires a Y chromosome to need a wetsuit, or maybe just some awesomeness!