Water temp was 65 today and it is expected to be 67 or 68 by Saturday.  A great day to swim if you haven’t been out in a while. Some of us will be working on our underwater hockey skills in the pool at 8:30am and anyone is welcome to join us.  Pool temp is 85 degrees, no wetsuit needed.

Lake Cane restoration Society Board meeting “making your swimming holes clean”. Somehow that tagline just doesn’t sound right.

Winner of the Lake Cane Restoration Society Photo Contest $50 goes to winner Rod Crowley. Make sure you tip the judges, oh wait I think you already did. Seriously folks, do you really think this should win over “pigman”, see the last photo. Methinks there is some money being passed under the table somewhere.

Ron caught in extreme concentration during the board meeting. Someone should write a poem about this activity and win $50.  You can start it like this There once was a man named Ron, who started the meeting with a yawn … now you finish the rest.

We say an early goodbye to a Lucky’s lake swimming legend. At least that is what Mark refers to himself as. Good luck in finding a lake over 40 degrees in Denver.

Samantha receives the Wendy May Andrew Annual service award presented by the LCRS. Strong work Sam. The other folks in the image are photobombing. Jay is showing off his tie, we are not sure of the motivation of the others.

Sometimes a photo needs no words, but this one clearly does. How this escaped our blog censors is unknown. Who in the picture is unknown. Why they thought they could win the photo contest is unknown. Will you see him in your dreams tonight, most likely.