Praise Be!  I know many have been wondering if they had missed the Lake Cane Restoration Society first board meeting of the year. The answer is a resounding NO! because it is coming up Thursday, Feb 7th at 6:30 pm at the Dr. Phillips YMCA.  I know many calendars have the meeting already imprinted along with the national holidays, but if you are one of the few that do not have a cutting edge calendar you have been officially announced. You don’t have to be a board member to attend the meeting, it also helps if you don’t have a social life or any friends. The food is good.

Current water temp 63 degrees and dropping. Current water wetness level – extreme. IQs of those regular swimmers that keep coming out – questionable.

The lucky’s lake swim website is now back up and running. Most of you are now scratching your heads and saying “I didn’t even know it was down.” To those folks I say “too bad loser,” a Nigerian prince offered to give away 2.8 million dollars on our site just last week, and you missed the opportunity because you were too busy to check out the website occasionally. Shame shame.

The Saturday morning crew. Yes folks are still swimming. Yes, I know, someone needs to shut the local asylum’s doors or just about everyone will get out.

So this guy has an emotional support alligator. If he brings it to swim with him just be aware that several of us swimmers carry emotional support knives. Just saying.

Yes, this is for real. It’s not fake news, so turn in your poem dang it. “There once was a man named lucky, he had a little ducky, the duck pissed off a raccoon, who said I’ll be back soon, and what happened next was so sucky.” So it only took me 30 seconds to punch out a poem that will likely win a pulitzer prize. I had my poetry training under Van Gough so you don’t stand a chance. I plan to spend the 50 bucks all in one place and then I’ll write a frickin poem about it. Yes, frickin is a word. I’m sure I heard Yosemite Sam say it on many occasions.