Water temperature is back in the low 70s so no reason not to be swimming.  We had over 35 swimmers join us on New Year’s Day, and that’s not too shabby.  We are back to the regular swimming schedule of 6:30 am on weekdays and 7:45 am on Saturdays.

We have license plate holders now for the 100 k club members stop by and pick yours up.  We also have posters from the 5K night ops swim that folks forgot to pick up as well.  If you did the 5K Frogman this year ask Lucky for your poster.

Dave Heffernan wrote: “Friends- Great news! Lucky has earned a slot in the prestigious Tampa Bay Frogman 5K swim across Tampa Bay in one week. If you have a couple of nickels left over after Christmas to support a good cause, please donate to support the Navy Seal Foundation and Gold Star families as Lucky braves the brutal cold waters of the Tampa Bay Channel. Please consider donating to Lucky’s fundraiser. Even $10 or $20 will be greatly appreciated! Donations can be made on imATHLETE at the following website:https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Flegacy.imathlete.com%2Fdonate%2FLuckyMeisenheimer&h=AT3R5aSPedDrmEPtvm-4cVjhkCFfn2FdjpzYEzl3zPvc1blqL6W6dBS5NIevoJ40WFemjUbROmWbtkf2_p9m-Odf2CQBZh1w1jeoDlXC-wnkeSapMXpO7xnAoQ1SGDnps4UFuuwPPKM This is Lucky’s first time swimming the Tampa Bay Frogman. The SwimGuzzlers will be his support team and spreading chum all around Lucky throughout the race to make his swim more interesting. Lucky has supported the Navy Seal Foundation for five years running as a sponsor and financial supporter of the Lucky’s Lake Frogman Night Ops 5K swim each November. Now, he needs your support for the Navy Seal Foundation.”

New Years day 2019 at Lucky’s Lake Swim for all those that are not party animals and went to bed early on New Year’s Eve.

Lucky will be swimming the Tampa Bay Frogman swim apparently as Batman (or perhaps he is trying to be a rare Jamaican horned frog – who knows when it comes to Lucky)  to raise money for the Navy Seal foundation which supports Gold Star Families.  His support crew is our very own Swim Guzzlers, and a mental health counselor yet to be named. Lucky has promised to buy the first beer for the Swim Guzzlers, and when he found out the beer was free, he politely offered to buy the second round as well. You can support Lucky’s Fundraiser for these Gold Star families by clicking here.

So for all those folks that keep asking when the next the Easter Sunrise Service and Swim is going to take place, please tell them it will be on Feb 30th which is the final day of the National Tooth Fairy day celebration which starts on Feb 28th.  For the rest of us that have IQs higher than our shoe size I think you can figure it out on your own. If not we have posted this handy- dandy poster for your viewing pleasure.

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