So we have not had any blog posts since October due to all of Lucky’s websites getting hacked with a virus. Perhaps if he didn’t open every single email attachment that said “nude photos, virus free, absolutely safe, honest you can trust us at malwaredotcom, click now, photos go away in 60 seconds”.   Lucky refutes this being the cause pointing out the site is certified official by three different Nigerian princes. In spite of Lucky, most of the issues have been corrected, and you can get to the Lucky’s Lake Swim Site at If you are wanting cutting-edge information on yo-yos, zombies, or his medical practice you will have to wait a bit longer.

Currently, the water temp is about 66 degrees.  We highly recommend a wetsuit for swimming unless you have been regularly swimming without one and have gradually adapted to the cold or for those that are bat sh-t crazy and have a hypothermic death wish, I could name names but I won’t . . . by the way where has Volker been?.

Christmas Schedule:

12/24 Monday Christmas Eve  7:45am
Christmas Day – Merry Christmas!  No Swimming Today  (Lucky will be busy getting all the coal and switches out of his stocking)
12/26 -12/29  7:45am
12/30 Sunday no swim
12/31 New Years Eve 7:45am
1/1/2019 New Years Day 7:45am
1/2/19  Back to normal schedule

This holiday season please give yourself the gift of underwater hockey.  Monday – Wednesday – Fridays at the Rosen YMCA Aquatic Center 7:30pm

Last year’s New Year’s Day we had nearly 30 swimmers. We all swam, except for Gene who thought we were playing tackle football. Nothing better to start off 2019 than with an open water swim. We guarantee there will be water temperature.