It may seem that winter is upon us, but the reality is the water temp in the lake is great.  You can now swim without sweating.  Don’t let the darkness of the weekday swims keep you away, because Randy’s guiding light shines bright on the other side of the lake.

The Lucky’s Lake Swim towels have all sold out, but they are ordering more.  You can find them here.

Orange County filmed a video on Lucky’s Lake swim several weeks ago.  It is now up and running.  Check it out.

Update on the chlorine levels in the the hot tub. They are now down to mildly toxic levels so folks may be able to use it by tomorrow, but check first before getting in the tub.

We listed links to photos from the Rowdy and Lucky Race in the last blog, which some folks had trouble opening. I have posted all the photos on the facebook page in an album for your viewing pleasure.

Thank you Dave Winslow for another great addition to Lucky’s Lake Swim. Dave commissioned a modern art piece and we now display it proudly at the entry of our swim. The piece is titled “Stuck in the Muck” and the somber curves and premodern moods generated tend to create an idealized rendition of the subject.




Yes Lucky has a “new” used truck and please note before he even got in the vehicle he had it appropriately “blessed” with a Lucky’s Lake Swim Sticker. If you get a new car always ask for a new bumper sticker before you drive. It’s the law.
Lucky would now like to do a shameless plug: “I hate, I-4 traffic jams, burning my mouth on hot food, prostate exams and my number one hate is going to a car lot to buy a car. Now traffic jams can be avoided with electronic navigation, burnt mouth with a little care, prostate exams you can learn to love, so friends have said, I have not been able to, but I guess it is an acquired taste. However, I didn’t know that you could do anything about the car buying thing until now.
I just got a new truck (actually a 2016), and this is how it went down. I listed my must have features, gave it to SheCar and a few weeks later my dream truck was in my driveway. No hassle no fuss, paperwork done. The best part about it was I saved thousands on the deal as the truck was bought at auction so the price was a true dealer’s price. If I went to the car lot the same vehicle would have been marked up at least 10%.
So if you are in the mood to buy a car/truck and want to get the best price with the least amount of hassle check out SheCar.”


Lucky got a new pontoon boat and named it “Saint Jacquie” It took one week before Jacquie discovered she had a boat named after her. Thanks for all those that didn’t spill the beans.

Halloween is almost upon us. Now it’s time to play name that zombie.

Name that zombie.