It looks like we are going to reach our goal of 100 swimmers for our inaugural race this Sunday.  We are 14 shy of that number today.  Once we reach 100, we are out of goody bags, and there is some great stuff in those bags so grab up one of those last 14 slots.  Now, even if we go over 100, you can still register and swim, but you won’t get the cool swim cap or the goody bag unless you are in the first 100 to register.  You will still be eligible for awards.

So can you register the morning of the race? Yes, but no goody bag and no cool cap and we tag you with a late registration fee of $25.  Register NOW!


Are these awards cool or what!  For all age groups!  The most important factor in open water racing is showing up. Register Now

Sign up now for Sunday’s Race. Scroll down previous blogs for more race information or sign up HERE