Two significant events that you will definitely want to participate have registration deadlines coming up.

First, the Rowdy Gaines presents the Lucky’s Lake Swim 1 mile Race  – Registration Deadline Saturday, Oct 13th at noon.  You can late register, but it will go from $35 to $60.  Details on the race are below at the end of the blog post. The event is Lucky’s Lake Swim’s first race ever, be a part of history.

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Let me tell you a sad story. Twenty years from now there will be a swimmer that could have joined us in this inaugural race, but was too lazy to register.  All his/her friends did the event and are now considered legends.  Now, when the children of these non-participants ask why they are not legends too the answer causes familial chaos. The shame is too great, and the children disown their former parent.  The non-participant tries to ease the pain through drug use and alcohol. Eventually, they end up living in a cardboard box next to Ron’s house.  Don’t let this happen to you sign up now.

FYI all the Swim Guzzlers are all signed up for the Rowdy and Lucky race. That means the bar is raised very low.

Second, The Night Ops Frogman 5K Swim which benefits the Navy Seal foundation. Registration deadline to make sure you get your correct size of T-Shirt is Tuesday Oct 9th.  You can still register after this but you might not get the right size of shirt or any shirt. (The shirts are AWESOME).

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Pete scores his 1500K yo-yo. Yes, there is a 1500K award yo-yo.

Wendy gets yellow capped. Shooting for the T-shirt by the Night Ops Swim. You go girl. Lucky shows off his absorbed twin legs coming from his left thigh. He will be doing the circus side show circus later this year.

Our skilled blog art director posts a picture of the race swim caps. The first one hundred to register will get this cool cap and a swag bag. Register now!

Truss is up thanks to Brian and Mark and Shawn. This will be the start and finish (hopefully) of the Race next Sunday. Register NOW!

How did we place the buoys, well it took a team. A rocket scientist Mark, A boat Captain, Paul, Two scuba professionals Don and David, a under water hockey player Shawn, a fellow that fell off a paddle-board a lot Jay and somebody to supervise and work on his tan Lucky.

Fish attractors attached to the anchors. Two test anchors were done this way and if they work we will add more. Nothing more fun than drilling fish holes in PVC.

Amazing anchors provided by Brian Parramore. Able to withstand category 5 storm. Final inspector testing done by Luna. No drugs or contraband was found, except for a partially eaten moon pie.

Race map is ready and so easy to read even Lucky can stay on course, not. Lucky is holding a commemorative poster for the 5K Frogman Black Ops swim. The top 200 finishers will be awarded the poster, not the banner, the poster.

YOU Do Not have to be a registered Master’s Swimmer to participate in this event, nor do you have to register for the Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic Meet.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Rowdy Gaines Presents the Lucky’s Lake Swim 1.5k Challenge
Benefitting YMCA scholarship programs.
Race Distance: 1.5k
Entry Fee: $35

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Age Determining Date: The actual age of the competitor as of 31 December 2018.

Age Groups: 18-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85-89, 90-94 and five year increments as high as necessary.

Those under the age of 18 that wish to participate must have a parent or guardian onsite at the event to sign the waiver.  USA Swimming Age groups will be recognized.

Swimmers will be seeded by age/gender.  Athletes will be started in waves based on age group and or gender.  Race organizers have designated a race cut off time of 90 minutes.  All swimmers will be required to wear highly visible colored numbered swim caps, which will be provided.

Use of Wetsuits: Wet suits are NOT permitted. Swimmers may use Safe Swimmer Buoys, which will be provided. Other floatation, fins, paddles etc. are not allowed.

Competition Location:  Lucky’s Lake Swim
6645 Lake Cane Drive
Orlando Fl 32819

Competition Date: Oct 14th, 2018.
7:00a = Safety Meeting
7:15a-7:30a = Warm Up
7:45a = First heat starts

Length of Course: 1.5K The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reduce the length of the swim, based on medical advice should adverse weather conditions prevail.

Water Temperature: 77-85 Degrees F

Transport: Athletes will have to provide their own transportation to the event site. 6645 Lake Cane Drive, Orlando Fl 32819

Marshaling Area:  All athletes must be in the marshaling area ½ hour before their allowed wave.  A map showing the course will be clearly visible in this area for all the participants.

Safety: An appropriate safety craft will be provided during the competition.

Changing Area: Competitors must leave their equipment in this area.  The Organizing Committee will provide a bright colored cap for each swimmer. Each swimmer is required to wear this cap.  Thermal caps may NOT be worn.

Support Facilities:  Limited shower and changing facilities will be provided.

Hospitality: Water will be provided.