First please notice we have combined our website with the blog so all the information about Lucky’s Lake swim can be found in one place.  This is not the final product, much like driving on I-4, it should get better with time.  A personal thanks from Lucky for the thoughtful gifts from everyone on Saturday.  He was sorry to miss the swim, but his son Maximus was racing and blood before water. We would like to thank all the folks that brought food, donated blood, and (it feels strange typing this) bringing toilet paper.  Thank you also to Les and his creativity for his oddly strange gifts that probably only Lucky could enjoy (Wheaties box cover, Lake swim cheese wiz and Carp farts). Jay Madigan would like to thank all the swimmers that came out for the Texas Hold-em tournament it sounds like everyone that attended had a great time, and money was raised for a good cause.  Lake swimmers truly are the best people.  We have two events coming up The Rowdy and Lucky Lake Swim Oct 14th and the Frogman Swim Nov 3rd.  Sign up now by clicking on the banners above.

We Need Volunteers for the RACE on October 14th the  Paddle-boarders Kayakers etc… If you can help CLICK HERE to volunteer.

We are revving up for our first race at Lucky’s Lake Swim. Take part in history sign up now. These are the turn buoys, big enough that even Lucky can’t swim off course.

Born to Swim is selling Lucky’s Lake Swim towels at our first race. You can preorder now to get one. They are printing a limited number and when they are out they are out. Buy two and sell one on eBay for an outrageous price.

Lucky would like to thank everyone for the great birthday surprise. He was honored to receive all the wonderful gifts. In case TP doesn’t become the next bitcoin, he has increased his roughage consumption by 400%.

Remembering “Duck”. What a good duck, on the other hand he had a toe fetish, liked to attack swimmers and pooped on Lucky several times, so why do we miss him?

Lucky has finally acquired super powers, which he has always wanted. He can now create a flaming ball of fire in his hand. Unfortunately, it burns his skin just as much as anyone else so he won’t be doing that anymore.

Some Lucky’s Lake Swimmers playing poker for charity. Why is Ron looking at Gene’s hand? If you would like to donate to the FSAWWA You Can Click HERE