Labor Day swim time is 7:45 am

Take the brief survey on fertilizer use in Orange County – This helps the Lake Cane Restoration Society. As an added bonus, if you take the training linked at the end of the survey, you will be eligible to receive a pass to a Florida State Park!

September 22 Blood Mobile will be returning.  If you

Oct 14th  Rowdy Masters Classic Open Water Swim at Lucky’s Lake Swim.  First Annual.  This is a race with awards.  You don’t have to register for the meet to compete in the swim, but you will have to register and pay an entry fee.  All proceeds from this event goes to the scholarship fund at the YMCA Aquatic Center. Registration details HERE 

Nov 3rd 5th annual Frogman 5K night ops swim at Lucky’s Lake Swim. Register here 

Nov 10th and 11th Charleston Underwater Hockey Tournament.  (It’s not to late to join our local club, think about it I know you want to)

Jan 13, 2019 Tampa Bay Frogman Swim  –  Sold Out – Better sign up for ours quick on Nov 3rd before we  sell out too!

Our first Fish attractor has been placed, watch the amazing video below, almost as good as “The Titanic”.

Click here to register!

Thanks to Heath Thomas for donating food for the carp. The carp have informed us that it is much better quality of food than what Lucky provides. The carp are now organizing  protest swims against being fed the pig feed Lucky tries to pass off as fish food.

Underwater hockey sports card which proves we are an exotic sport. This was very disappointing to Tom because he joined because he thought the card said erotic sport.

Teri Billotte Ratcliff receives the rain barrel she won through the lake cane restoration society, only to be disappointed that it came empty. I don’t know who drank the contents, but Jay always looks very well hydrated.