Congrats to all the Lucky’s Lake Swimmers that swam in the Pan American Masters Championships.  We had several Lucky’s Lake Swimmers participate in the open water swim today.  Lucky had at least two dozen swimmers come up and tell him that they had done the swim several did the swim before the wall of Fame and now want to come back so they can sign.  The announcer mentioned Lucky’s Lake Swim repeatedly so we got great publicity at the open water event. Lots is happening at the Lake so here are the current goings on.

First, good Luck to our Executive director of the Lake Cane Restoration Society.  He is literally on the other side of the world (30 hour plane flight) to repeat the famous swim of President Kennedy when his boat the PT109 sank during WWII.  This is the 75 anniversary of the swim and Jay and a couple of others are retracing the swim to honor the heroic event.  If you have never heard of the swim you should look it up, it is a fascinating piece of history. Thirty hour plane flight, you should look that up too, is that possible?  I’d rather have my tongue stuck to the side of a bus on a cold winter morning and watch the bus drive off than do a 30 hour plane flight.  And Jay was wondering why folks weren’t jumping at the opportunity to join him.  

August 17th Orange County TV will be out filming some of the neat stuff that swimmers are doing with the Lake Cane Restoration Society

August 19th  Join Lucky and others swimming down Rainbow river this Sunday morning.  Gator knives are optional. Many thanks to Brian Parramore  for setting this all up.  Details are posted on the Lucky’s Lake Swim Facebook page. See Brian’s Aug 1st post.  

August 20th Monday A great day to try out underwater hockey at the YMCA Aquatic Center at 7:30pm. This is a subliminal message I just slipped in.  You won’t remember reading it but you will act upon it and not remember why.

September 22 Blood Mobile will be returning.  Tom will be there waving around his 9800 gallon donor card like it’s a platinum VISA and if you don’t donate he will give you “the look” which will make you feel like an invertebrate that needs to ooze it’s way back into a dark crevice. Many thanks to Swim Shack Jerry for setting this all up.

Oct 14th  Rowdy Masters Classic Open Water Swim at Lucky’s Lake Swim.  First Annual.  This is a race with awards.  You don’t have to register for the meet to compete in the swim, but you will have to register and pay an entry fee.  All proceeds from this event goes to the scholarship fund at they YMCA Aquatic Center.

Nov 3rd 5th annual Frogman 5K night ops swim at Lucky’s Lake Swim.

Wow! that’s a lot of stuff going on.  

Lucky and Rowdy after the Masters  Pan American championships 1500 meter race today in Daytona. Lucky credits his age group win to Rowdy because Rowdy had not aged up yet. Lucky is not winking at the camera. He can’t open his right eye because he got sand and saltwater in his google during the race, and felt the loss of vision in his right eye was a fair trade-off for not slowing down clearing the goggles and losing.  He is now re-evaluating his racing strategies.  Good luck to his first surgery patient on Monday.

No this is not some aging rock and roll band from the 70s it is some Lucky’s Lake Swimmers at the Pan American Open Water Championships. There were others there, but they were too busy being chased by groupies to get in the photo.

The Collingwood clan. Six swam at the same time which may be a new record for family members swimming at the same time. Much like mental illness swimming tends to run in families or perhaps swimming is a mental illness ,who knows.

Three of five swimmers to score their 100K club cap on Saturday. Most 100k club caps we have given out on the same day. Somebody better call Guinness.

Wayne Liebnitzky who is running for Congress stopped by last week. Lucky’s Lake swim is non partisan (not Lucky’s definition of non partisan – he hates all politicians equally) and we welcome all politicians to come out and see what is going on here.

Last week Bonnie Q scored her 100K cap.