Wednesday (4th of July)  party at 5pm  (bring something to throw on the grill and a side dish to share – BYOB) Bring your family and friends.  We will have a giant water balloon fight and play water volleyball so bring a swim suit and towel. Fireworks at dark for the young kids and Tom.
Rest of the week swim times:
Thursday and Friday 6:30am
Saturday 7:45am
Congratulations to Digger he completed his 1000th crossing. It should count for more as many times as he has had to tow Ron across. Ron will bring in a cake tonight to celebrate.  (Ron hasn’t decided how much he will charge each swimmer per piece so stay tuned, when asked about champagne he said “let them drink lake water”.
Mark your calendars! Frogman 5K Swim date has been set for Saturday November 3rd  2018 

Water volleyball tonight at the party. Only the intense need to apply.

This is what the midnight swim looked like last night from the perspective of the chickens on the dock.

Max Meisenheimer, lake swimmer and just selected as a High School All-American for water polo. Give him a high five when you see him.

Someday Lucky will grow up, but not today.

Congratulations to Digger!! He gets a cake and Ron eats it.

The movie was Alligator and our prop didn’t stop anyone from swimming except all the scaredy cats that didn’t show up. You know who you are.

Thanks to Shawn 2000 water balloons have been filled and are ready to throw. Minus 4 due to Lucky.