First, happy Fathers Day for all the dads that swim at Lucky’s.  I think the best Father’s Day gift is the promise to come out and play underwater hockey with dad.  So I encourage all those that have given the gift of underwater hockey to come join us Monday Wednesday or Fridays at the YMCA Aquatic Center at 7:30 pm to make your Dad’s dream Father’s Day wish to come true (you can bring mom and sis to play too and make it a real family affair).

Many thanks to all those that stepped up and donated blood today. Fourteen swimmers donated blood which was about all BloodOne could handle so it was a real success.  Many thanks to Jerry for setting up the blood drivel, and for providing the highly nutritious hot dogs and chips.

Congratulations to four Lucky’s Lake swimmers that were part of the Orlando Underwater Hockey team that placed third in Division B at the National Underwater Hockey Championships held in Denver last weekend (Shawn, Mike, Jake, and Lucky)

July 3rd is our  ?? Annual Midnight Swim.  We have had so many I can’t remember the number.  We will show a movie at 9:30, title to be announced later, but it will involve some water monster eating people in the dark, then we will go swim. What do you get for a participating in the intellectually dubious adventure?, A dang patch, that’s it, nothing more. So if they drag your lifeless partially eaten body from the lake the next morning Lucky wants no complaints if you didn’t survive to get the patch. If you earn a patch, fair warning, it does give you free admission to the nearest post-traumatic shock treatment center as has been suggested by some troublemakers.

July 4th is our 28th annual 4th of July party.  Bring food to throw on the grill and a side dish to share, BYOB.  Your non-swimming family members and friends are welcome to join you. Party starts at 5 pm.  We will be playing water volleyball and have several other highly serious sporting activities.  We will also shoot off a few fireworks for the kids when it gets dark around 9:30 pm.

Movie night will probably be one of these films as Lucky is too lazy to go out and find any better ones.  We will vote at 9:25 pm for which movie you wish to see. Sharktopus was shown last year but due to popular request and the fact, Lucky won’t spend the time taking another photo you can vote to watch it again. I would suggest not voting, Sharktopus, as the EPA has determined watching Shardtopus more than one time is known to cause cancer. 


Lucky volunteered at BloodOne because he was promised 2 movie tickets and Tom said “They are not taking blood they are giving  blood, its fun and it helps your under water hockey play.  Jerry also promised Lucky a hot dog if he didn’t misbehave.

What do you have that extremely large needle for?

Lucky screaming like a little girl, “Tom lied, Tom lied”. Jerry did not feel Lucky earned the hotdog.

Smug Tom. Not only did he trick Lucky into giving blood, but he won the low pulse competition with Lucky 52 edging out Lucky at 53. If bragging about this wasn’t enough then he started flashing around his 2 gallon donor card like he was something special. Wish draining blood out also drained away big egos.