Congratulations to the 20+ folks that did the “dynamic duo” on Saturday.  This was Lucky’s Lake Swim and the Beattie swim on the same day. Photo of these extremely handsome and beautiful people below. We had two that did the “Trifecta” Lucky’s, Beattie’s, followed by an underwater hockey game, this “Trifecta” dubious distinction went to Jay Madigan and Lucky.

The bloodmobile will be at Lucky’s Lake Swim on June 16th. Now they hosed us last year by not showing up, but this year they promise better behavior.  We encourage you to donate AFTER your swim.

Bob Shuler gains admission to the world’s most exclusive club “The 100 K club” Which is nice because he could never get into Studio 54 back in the day.

Blood Drive is on Saturday, June 16th. Due to a severe miscommunication with the blood bank 3 years ago Lucky tried to harvest blood from George Mann on his own. My understanding is the bloodmobile no longer uses this technique and they give you a cookie when you are done. George still complains to this day he didn’t get a cookie.

This amazing group of people completed both Lucky’s Lake Swim and the Beattie Swim. The things people will do just to get their picture taken.

Carrot Top looks on as Gene finishes swimming through the weeds. Gene decided the swim alone was not challenging enough so he swam the obstacle course, which was an option nobody else chose to complete. Gene won the 87-year-old division.