Monday, Memorial Day,  our swim time will be 7:45 am.

Pool toy float parade was another success, but fundraising for the Lake Cane Restoration Society was a bit lackluster.  If you would like to donate to the Lake Cane Restoration Society you can find the PayPal button by clicking here. Donations are all tax deductible.

Winner of the best float was tri-or-die, most original float “The air humans”, best-themed float “emojis” and the most awesome float was “the rainbow float”.  Kathe Swanson was crowned Pool Toy Float Parade Queen 2018 and received a ride on a bull towed by Lucky over and back, but he has not let her count it as a crossing, as Ron already counted it for himself. Ron felt he was gypped out of the award and ought to get something.  Rain barrel winners were: Teri Ratcliff, Shelia Mansier, Michael and Robin Tuttle, Rosemary Nupp. These all make a nice centerpiece for the dining room table should you not need it for collecting rain.

We had some great Irish music for the entire event. Here you can see the musician thanking Tom for not demonstrating Tom’s awesome river dance moves during his musical performance.

Winner of the best float was Tri or Die! After the swim, they rode 24.8 miles with the float on their backs and then ran with it for 6.2 miles.

A device to remotely send water temperatures to the internet and laser destroy rogue satellites.

Chris was running a gambling booth, Fish versus snake, it was very popular with the patrons as Chris kept giving great odds on the fish.

So here is an example of a fish head snake very common in central Florida. They can be easily identified by their golden head and surprised “oh shit” expression. Whoaaaaa wait one minute here . . . . I don’t think this is a fish head snake at all. This is clearly a snake tailed goldfish.

Kathe Swanson our 2018 Pool Toy Float Parade Queen riding the bull. This was the greatest day of her life since May 25th and before May 27th. She will be signing autographs for $100 a pop at Megacon this afternoon.

We love our volunteers. Kathleen and Sam collecting money. Good enforcer bad enforcer routine. Actually, Sam was not a volunteer she paid us to be able to twist peoples arms.

Our pool toy float parade queen samples our new unique breakfast item the “hotdog flavored pancake roll”. Chefs Mi and Geno have applied for a patent on the new breakfast delicacy.

The looks on their faces tell the story. Jerry,” I can’t believe I let Shawn wear my head chefs’ hat, I really want it back”. Shawn, “I’m the head chef! I’m the head chef! look at me I’m the head chef!”

These people did not go to the Megacon Saturday because wearing outlandish costumes drawing attention to yourself is so juvenile . . . Brian Paramore wins the most original float award (and the most disturbing) with the flying humans float seen in the background and the emoji float can also be seen which was awarded best-themed float.

The float parade was a family affair and went real smooth until Lucky got hungry halfway through the swim and took a bite out of Tap and Amy’s daughter’s float.

Most awesome float, Mark Myers tows some movie starlet.

Mike Tall gets his 200K shirt then gets in the pool and practices his Underwater Hockey skills hoping someone would join him. Maybe next week.

Jason Littleton,M.D checks out the swim and promises to join us in the future., Lucky photobombs the picture, Joe Mattern scores his 100K club cap, Nathalia Bailey does her first Lucky’s Lake swim.

The Pan American Masters Championships are coming to the YMCA Aquatic Center in Orlando.  There will be an open water swim on August 5th  either a 1.5K or 5K swim in Daytona.  We have lots of Lucky’s Lake swimmers that will be swimming this event, including Lucky.  Here is the link to find out more information.