Swim time for Memorial Day is 7:45 am. It sounds like we may have some rainy weather, but we always have the swim.

We made the front page of the Windermere Observer!
The pool toy float parade is tomorrow (Saturday) Here are the rules. There will be food for everyone and awards for Best Float, Most Orginal Float, Best Themed Float, Most Awesome Float and the Pool Toy Float Parade Queen. Prizes for the winning floats will be a float (how appropriate) Specifically your own personal swim buoy by New Wave. The Float parade Queen will be selected at random from the crowd and oddly attired individuals will have higher consideration.  No entry fee just show up with your float.  This year we will let you have someone ride on the float that you are towing.  Riders must wear a life vest if they are not a Lucky’s Lake swimmer. You must provide your own life vest and figure out how you are going to tow the float on your own.  The parade will be to the first buoy and back but you can do the entire 1K circuit if you desire.

One question is “does it have to be a pool toy float?”  No, it can be any kind of float (inner tube, blown up trash bag, etc) and decorating it is what it is all about.  Just make sure it is safe for you and the lake.

You can bring the floats by anytime on Friday if you want to blow them up early and leave them here.  We have two air compressors ready to go.

The Pan American Masters Championships are coming to the YMCA Aquatic Center in Orlando.  There will be an open water swim on August 5th  either a 1.5K or 5K swim . Lucky’s Lake Swim was the first choice for location but due to high water temperatures in August, it will be hosted over in Daytona.  We have lots of Lucky’s Lake swimmers that will be swimming this event, including Lucky.  Here is the link to find out more information.

Folks are already dropping off their floats. Please feel free to come by and drop yours off today (Friday) anytime. We have the air compressor ready to go. Don’t get caught in the line on Saturday.

The pool toy float parade made the news. Now everyone needs to dust off their old pool toy float, decorate it and come out for a swim.