Sad news, one of our regular swimmers has passed. Mark Larson nicknamed “Quiet Man” by his fellow swimmers was a staple of Lucky’s Lake Swim. Mark told Lucky that he loved the swim just to be swimming with nature early in the morning.  He saw many a sunrise on lake cane. Mark passed on April 16th after a brief fight with pancreatic cancer. Quiet Man you will be missed. R.I.P.

On a happier note, the 2nd and last annual  Pool Toy Float Parade is coming up. Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 26th.  (Next year we are planning to host our first official open water swimming race in place of this event).  We use the float parade as a fundraiser for the Lake Cane Restoration Society. There will be food for everyone and awards for Best Float, Most Orginal Float, Best Themed Float, Most Awesome Float and the Pool Toy Float Parade Queen. Prizes for the winning floats will be a float (how appropriate) Specifically your own personal swim buoy by New Wave. The Float parade Queen will be selected at random from the crowd and oddly attired individuals will have higher consideration.  No entry fee just show up with your float.  This year we will let you have someone ride on the float that you are towing.  Riders must wear a life vest if they are not a Lucky’s Lake swimmer. You must provide your own life vest and figure out how you are going to tow the float on your own.  The parade will be to the first buoy and back but you can do the entire 1K circuit if you desire.

Official Lucky’s Lake Swim gear is now available for purchase. This is for only swimmers that want to look really cool and trendy. Please check out the link. You must have completed the swim to buy the official gear. Lucky’s Lake Swim Gear

R.I.P. Mark Larson “Quiet Man”, you will be missed. Mark was 62.

Congratulations to Joe Mattern on your winning photo of Jay Madigan. The Lake Cane Restoration society winner of the photography contest. Pretty cool infrared thermal image taken by Joe at the Frogman 5K night swim last year. Joe is donating his prize money to the YMCA Aquatic Center Scholarship fund. This is what you look like right before die when you fall into a lava pit.

There have been requests for new styles of racing caps at Lucky’s Lake Swim. This cap has a dual function and is highly streamlined. It can also be fitted for beer holders.

Folks wanted to know who was the 2000th person joining Lucky’s Lake Swim facebook group. John Meisenheimer, VII Sadly this gator he is with is photographed more than our gator at Lucky’s Lake Swim, but our gator is the most photographed real gator. John graduated with honors from UF with a BioMedical Engineering degree last week and he needs to be reminded how much fun it is to swim the lake. No that is not a wig, he is growing his hair for Locks of Love or he is joining a rock band.

Lucky is recruiting for the YMCA’s Coed Underwater Hockey club. After the lake swim on Saturdays he is in the water showing folks how to push the puck. Come join him. Lucky says “showing people how to play underwater hockey is like passing out crack cocaine, once I get you started you will be hooked”.



This will be fun. Bring the family!!