May the 4th be with you!  Sorry about that, but I had to say it. If you stop reading now I fully understand.

Two new Lucky’s Lake Swim Records have been broken.  Charlie Weatherbee shattered the 85-89 age group record by over 2 minutes with a time of 28:07 which makes him a double record holder in both the 80-84 group and the 85-89. This grand achievement along with $1 will get Charlie a cup of Premium Roast Coffee at McDonald’s almost anywhere. Wendy Highland similarly destroyed the women’s 40-44 record with a time of 17:55 lowering the previous record of Katherine Nianini by over 3 minutes. Wendy has also mastered the Volker shake and much like Volker she prefers water temps above 85 degrees.  Check out our lake swim record holders here.

We just broke the 2000 Members of the Lucky’s Lake swim facebook page barrier! The big party celebrating this milestone was held last night for all the important dignitaries that are members of this group. Didn’t get your invite, ah well, that’s a bit uncomfortable, you can file a complaint with Lucky, nevermind, he wasn’t on the A-list either.

The 29th annual Beattie Lake swim will be held June 2nd with the race starting at 10:30 am Pancake Breakfast to follow.  561 Via Lugano, Winter Park.  As always we will be taking a group photo of all Lucky’s Lake Swimmers that attend. Swimsuits are optional for the group photo but apparently a requirement for participating in the swim. There is plenty of time to do Lucky’s Lake swim and still make it to the Beattie’s that morning. Growing Bolder segment of the 2010 swim.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 26th for our 2nd and last annual Pool Toy Float Parade (Next year we are planning to host our first official open water swimming race in place of this event).  We use the float parade as a fundraiser for the Lake Cane Restoration Society. There will be food for everyone and awards for Best Float, Most Orginal Float, Best Themed Float, Most Awesome Float and the Pool Toy Float Parade Queen. The Float parade Queen will be selected at random from the crowd and oddly attired individuals will have higher consideration.  No entry fee just show up with your float.  This year we will let you have someone ride on the float that you are towing.  Riders must wear a life vest if they are not a Lucky’s Lake swimmer. You must provide your own life vest and figure out how you are going to tow the float on your own.  The parade will be to the first buoy and back but you can do the entire 1K circuit if you desire.

Official Lucky’s Lake Swim gear is now available for purchase.  Please check out this link. You must have completed the swim to buy the official gear. Violators will suffer fire, brimstone, and eternal damnation. Lucky’s Lake Swim Gear for those not up to speed on threats of perdition, brimstone is sulfur, which on the surface may not seem that bad, but combined with fire and eternal damnation, well you decide.

Thursday, May 10th is the next Lake Cane Restoration Society Board meeting.  All are welcome to attend.  It will be held at Pammie Sammies at the Dr. Philips YMCA at 6:30 pm.  Please remember to get your photography and poetry submissions in by May 9th.  Anyone can enter but only the illustrious or those skilled at bribery will win.

May the 4th be with you. Lucky has now been officially banned from all Fan Boy sites in the entire world. If you don’t understand why you are banned too.

Michael Gutierrez of Fleet Farming said he would be back to swim the 1K lake swim and he did, but then if you watched the swim, almost not. Thank God for safer swimmer buoys.

Click on this link to submit Lake Cane Photography Contest

May is melanoma awareness month. At least 4 Lucky’s Lake swimmers have had melanoma and survived. Make sure to do self-exams and follow-up with your doctor if you have anything suspicious growing.



Filming a sizzle reel for a potential reality show about cleaning up the environment and recycling the waste into usable clothing. They did find several googles on the bottom but no bodies.  

Jake Meisenheimer with the puck at one of our underwater hockey scrimmages. We play M-W-F at 7:30 pm at the YMCA Aquatic Center. We are always looking for new meat for the grinder, I mean new players. Lucky will be doing skill training after the Lake swim on Saturday in his pool for those interested in trying out Underwater Hockey.

Wendy Highland busts the women’s 40-44 record. Yes, we carded her and she’s legit.

Grudge match. Two 85+ record holders go head to head in the swim of the Century. Charlie took the swim and the Record from Gene but rumor has it the loser’s purse was in the millions. They are planning a cage fight next month. See you guys in the octagon.

Lucky swims with his niece from New York Maylin Meisenheimer. Maylin was a former sprinter for the Princeton swim team. Halfway to the first buoy felt real good to her.

Okay, this guy is the definition of cool.


What everyone is missing on weekday mornings.

The newest member of the 100K club, Shelly Kossoff. She is smiling because she was able to find her name in under two minutes, unlike Jay Madigan who has been searching for 2 years.

Fearless first timers.