Big turnout for the Eat-Pray-Swim.  Although the “sunrise” of the sunrise service never happened Tom Welch did a masterful sermon talking about one of everyone’s favorites subjects,  death.  Fortunately, no deaths occurred during the lake swim, but we were a bit worried that someone might die engorging themselves with too much food from the fantastic breakfast that was severed up. Over 250 plates of food were taken and our apologies to the few that didn’t get to eat (you should have swum a little faster).

We have raised just a few hundred dollars shy of $4000 for the YMCA Aquatic Center Scholarship fund.  The PayPal account will be open until April 4th and all money contributed will go to that cause.  If you haven’t donated and would like to join us in achieving that $4000 goal please Click Here to donate.

Many Many Thanks to all the volunteers that made this possible.  Photos below from the event.

No, it’s not the rock group the “Eagles” it is Tom Welch and the Sermonites.

Lucky is not smiling seven seconds later when the cold water hits his nether regions.

Six first-timers started and seven finished. Another Easter miracle.

Scalpers were charging 3 times face value of ticket price outside the gate.

The Meisenheimer Clan -Wendy Nation, Mark Nation (yes the guy on TV and also Jacquie’s brother – just glad nobody slipped and fell today) Maximus Meisenheimer, Lucky, John Meisenheimer Sr., wife Wink, John VII, Saint Jacquie, Jake Meisenheimer, and just in the bottom edge of the photo,Luna, who was probably being a bad dog.

Nothing says Easter more than a giant yo-yo! April Fool! No, seriously I really mean that.

On a more serious note, MSNBC has contacted us about the possibility of doing a reality show called “Lake Swim Chefs” starring Jerry, Gene, Shawn, Audrey, and Mi. Currently, we are stuck in contract negotiations. The network wants each chef to pay the show $5000 per episode, but Gene is only offering up a used riding lawn mower and a pile of old shingles.

News Flash, the “Lake Swim Chefs” reality show was canceled when Shawn jumped ship to the new show “Smoothy King” starring Dave Heffernan who supposedly will work for beer. Shawn will work for beer too but because he is underage Heff will dig down deep and drink Shawn’s earnings for him. Quite a guy that Heff. Mike just recently took Ron’s online course on how to photobomb and is getting a C on his lesson session #3 “how to photobomb and blend in”

Tarzan is smiling because he was told we were serving scrabbled ostrich eggs.

Jerry K. first to arrive last to leave. Many Thanks JERRY you are the greatest!!!

I can’t write a caption that makes this picture weirder than it already is!!

Gene and Chris years ago they struggled with the decision of whether to become Fry Cooks or double naught spies. I think they made the right choice.

The key to Tom’s singing success is his daughter. The louder she sings the more we like Tom. (This may be an April Fool comment or it may not be, making this an April fool within an April Fool) Many thanks, Tom for 8 amazing years, and your continual plugs for underwater hockey.