This Sunday is our 8th annual Easter Service – Swim – Pancake Breakfast.  There will be a volunteer meeting after the lake swim on Saturday which will be headed up by Tom Welch.  If you have not volunteered and would like to do so please contact Tom Welch or Jay Madigan.  Do not contact Lucky, he is devious and last year convinced volunteers to pump his septic tank and strip asbestos out of his attic.


The service will start at sunrise 7:15 AM and the swim and pancake breakfast will immediately follow.  It is good to bring your own chairs and/or blankets to sit on.  Beware: you do not need to pay money for premium seats to Lucky, it is festival seating, come grab your patch of grass early.  If you can carpool with friends/family this would be great as parking is limited. You don’t have to swim to attend.  Family, friends, and enemies (it is Easter after all) are all welcome.

All offerings and donations will be given to the YMCA Aquatic Center Scholarship fund.  Please bring sacks of money!
If you can’t attend and would like to donate you can use the below PayPal link or you can come to the event and we will take cash, coins, gold doubloons etc…[wpedon id=”4816″]

Superstar Hector Picard joined us last week for a swim. Hector is in the Triathlon Hall of Fame. He has done well over 100 triathlons and 5 Ironmans. He spends much of his time raising money for charities. His website can be found HERE.






































So you are probably wondering what’s the incentive for volunteering for the Easter Service-Swim-Breakfast. Well, Pastor Tom will undoubtedly offer up eternity in paradise, but for the more secular, we have something almost as good – the Lucky’s Lake Swim Round TUIT. If you volunteer Tom or Jay will give you a round tuit and all the rights and privileges known to be associated with it.