Spring is here and the lake swim is going full speed ahead.  The below are our top headlines:

April 1st Easter Sunrise (7:15 am) service and Swim – No fooling  (Eat-Pray-Swim not necessarily in that order) Mark your calendars now.  Try to carpool as the parking will be tight!  Volunteers needed as well.  The Lake Swim resident pastor Tom Welch will be attempting to do what no other preacher has ever done, keep Lucky awake through 7 straight sermons without a miss. An epic event that no one will want to miss.  Vegas oddsmakers have Lucky at 3 to 1 currently.

Congrats to Dave Winslow – Dave just set a new record for the 65-69 age group  18:40 see records here.  Dave’s a great guy (Not to be confused with Dave Heffernan) and if you haven’t slipped and fallen on the steps going down to the lake you can thank Dave for the non-slip steps.

Landmark change warning!  Ron has painted his pink house to a baby poo brown.  The baby poo brown is harder to see for those of us who used the pink “chalet” as a guiding marker when swimming.  The house is for sale too, color change has nothing to do with the plans to sell.

Congratulations to Jay Madigan (our fearless Executive Director of the Lake Cane Restoration Society.  He recently presented a paper at the American Water Works Association/World Environmental Foundation Utility Management conference in Texas.  His paper was titled “Swimmers to the Rescue! How an organized group of Florida’s open water swimmers are saving fresh water lakes by adding swimmable as a drinking water quality parameter”.  Lucky’s submission of his paper titled “People come swim in my lake and leave their pee but I still swim anyway”  was surprisingly rejected and he has been put on the AWWA watch list (apparently not a good thing).

According to Mark Myers, it is no longer legal to feed these animals in Florida which went into effect Feb. 11, free-roaming, non-human primates (Does Heff fit into this category)  join coyotes, foxes, raccoons, bears, pelicans and sandhill cranes as species prohibited from feeding. Apparently, monkeys carry Herpes type B which can be fatal in humans so no feeding them, sex is apparently okay as this is not addressed by the law but I would leave Heff alone anyway.

Congrats to Gene Augustin our elder swimmer who turned 87 and swam a mile in the lake to celebrate his birthday. Gene is now so old he wears his safer swimmer buoy in the hot tub.

Check out the Lake Cane Restoration Societies’ revamped website.

Do you want a parka patch? We have them for free (you have to provide the parka and it must be the same style. The parka company can apply the patch when you order the parka. We have 200K club patches and 2000 K club patches. Talk to Lucky if interested.

Iceberg found in lake cane. We believe it calved from the Mund glacier on the east side of the lake. This should make visiting swimmers from north of the Mason Dixon line feel a bit more comfortable joining us for a swim. Please, please no global warming comments.

Dave Winslow and his super hot wife Amy, proving once again that lake swim record breakers get trophy wives (and husbands). Dave set the 65-69 record with a time of 18:40

Lucky did you read the new law about not feeding pelicans!? You better hope that there is a statue of limitations on this vile act.

Mike Tall shows off his expensive watch after finishing his 150th crossing. Lucky is trying to remember where he left his hat.

We need people to fill these fins. Come join us for Under Water Hockey M-W-F at 7:30 pm YMCA Aquatic Center. Chances are your life sucks and this will make it all better.