Nearly 30 swimmers braved the 65-degree water to swim into the new year.  Lucky was disappointed as he was told that Mariah Carey was going to bring him hot tea at the completion of his swim.  She was a no-show with the hot tea and I am sure this will add even more controversy to the Mariah Carey-hot tea-disaster which is dominating the Twitterverse. Amazingly 8 swimmers did their swim sans wetsuit (this I believe qualifies them for a free exam at the local psychiatric unit).

During the photo, Gene thought we were setting up to play football.  He rushed the camera person after the photo but missed the tackle.  He blamed the incident on climate change.

We are back to our routine schedule starting tomorrow (Tuesday) 6:30 am M-F 7:45 am Sat.  If you are planning on swimming later this week you may want to bring your ice picks.

Happy New Year 2018 at Lucky’s Lake Swim