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Yes, the holidays are among us so we will have a few important time changes for the swim.

Holiday Lucky’s Lake Swim Times

Today thru Dec 20th (normal swim times)
Dec 21-23 (Thurs-Sat)  7:45 AM

Dec 24 (Sunday and Christmas Eve NO SWIM
Dec 25 (Christmas Day) NO SWIM (Most of us will be opening  presents except for Heff who will be trying to figure out what to do with all that coal and those switches he finds in his stocking)

Dec 26th  (Boxing Day) 7:45 AM
Dec 27-Dec 30th (Wed – Saturday) 7:45am
New Year’s Day 7:45AM

January 2nd back to normal schedule 6:30 AM M-F  7:45 AM Saturdays

MANY OF YOU HAVE BEEN MISSING UNDERWATER HOCKEY PRACTICE.  (We play M-W-F at the YMCA Aquatic Center at 7:30pm)  Come join us! We’ll change your life!

Since we have started the Butterfly Mann award many have asked what does it feel like to swim 1000 meters butterfly without turns.  Well, if you go to the World Open Water Swimming Assoc (WOWSA) and register and then go through all the machinations to vote for Lucky you will find that it is a similar painful experience (but with the swim you at least get a bumper sticker when you are done.) So please go to the WOWSA site, register (you must register for your vote to count) and discover your pain threshold. After you have voted please make a comment on how we would like all the voters to join us for a swim in the future.  (If you feel like quitting halfway through the voting process, please remember, Lucky once almost quit chocolate, but he didn’t, because he’s not a quitter, don’t be a quitter vote for Lucky – and then go get a piece of chocolate and Lucky will eat it for you.

I know what your are thinking. Our Executive Director of the Lake Cane Restoration Society finally located his name on the wall of Fame. No that didn’t happen, keep looking Jay. However, Jay did score a very nice guest appearance on the water values podcast where he spoke on Lucky’s Lake Swim, The Lake Cane Restoration Society and his enemies list. So to find out if you made Jay’s enemies list listen carefully to the podcast. Strong work Jay! (I said “strong work” just so I don’t get on Jay’s next enemies list)

Speaking of the 1K Butterfly Mann swim, Kathleen became the first woman to earn this highly questionable distinction.

When Abby  finishes swimming around Manhattan she will have compeleted the triple crown (She has already done the English and Catalina channels) What she doesn’t realize yet, that having swam Lucky’s Lake swim she will have done the grand slam! Lucky’s Lake Swim, the two channels and Manhattan. Who else wants to sign up?

These three individuals have all completed the Butterfly Mann swim (1 kilometer no-stop butterfly at Lucky’s Lake Swim) You may well wonder why they are all smiling. One of these swimmers also did a 4000 IM in the lake. I’ll give you a hint nobody over 5foot tall has managed to do this feat.

Dayle Peabody scores his 100K cap.

Dennis (a one word name much like Madonna and Cher) has completed his 500th crossing in 3 years and 8 months. When he completes his 1000th crossing he has vowed to sign his last name to the wall as well.

Please vote for Lucky.  YOU MUST REGISTER FOR YOUR VOTE TO COUNT. Also add a comment welcoming others to join our swim.  VOTE HERE