Over $10,000 raised for the Navy SEAL Foundation through the Frogman Black Ops 5K swim.  Many congratulations to the over 120 swimmers and special thanks to the organizing team, volunteers, and many sponsors.

Thanksgiving is around the corner so here are the holiday swim times:

Monday 6:30 AM
Tuesday 6:30 AM
Wednesday 7:45AM
Thanksgiving Day 7:45 AM
Black Friday 7:45 AM
Saturday 7:45 AM

The lake heater is currently malfunctioning, repair crew says they will be working on it night and day until it is fixed sometime in late March.  Current water temp is about 72 which I know is confusing with folks thinking it must be colder, but that is because Heffernan starts putting on the black rubber sausage suit when the temp drops below 84.

Many thanks for all that have voted for Lucky for the World Open Water Swimming Assoc Man of the Year Award. The voting is still open and you can vote by clicking Here VOTE NOWPlease, please write a comment when you vote.  Although posts about Lucky’s personal hygiene issues are fine, what we would really like to see are invitations to the readers to come join us for a lake swim. All the folks reading comments will likely be just like us, those who love open water swimming, and what an amazing opportunity this can be to spread the welcome to our swim.

Many may think T- Day is a low numbers day for lake swimming, but it is not. We all think alike, we must rationalize the excessive calorie intake later in the day and this is the ticket. See you 7:45AM

Barb scored her Silver 500K Cap on Saturday but she was so cold her teeth turned blue (true). Although, alternate theories have been proposed.

Before the Frogman Night Ops Swim Hef tried to sink the Kayak.

Yes, it really was dark during the Frogman Night Ops Swim! Congrats to all the crazy folks that did the swim this year (120+) over $10,000 raised for the Navy Seal Foundation. Thanks to all the volunteers and special thanks to Dave Heffernan, Kevin Curly, and Glenn Baker 

We thank the many Frogman Night Ops 5K sponsors. Lucky’s Lake Swim, Lake Cane Restoration Society, United Healthcare, Integrity Mortgage, Mediatech, Oblivion Taproom, Orlando Brewing, Off the hook replicas.com, Hammer Nutrition.

A cool guy, wearing a cool shirt and a cool medal counting on both hands how many beers he had at the post Frogman Night Ops swim party.

If you live in Chicago and know any dead voters please let them know about Lucky (and vote often). Comments are always welcome, but if you are dead and voting, please leave that part out. VOTE HERE

Glenn warns new swimmers about the lake cane monster but reassures everyone that it only feeds in the dark, so no problem as long as you finish before sunset.

You should see Volker’s shoes after he turned the lights on in them.

Clover, age six completes the lake swim and wants to do it again.