A special day on Saturday as ESPN came and filmed swimming superstar and Olympic Legend Rowdy Gaines participating in Lucky’s Lake Swim.  They are doing a 30 for 30 ESPN documentary on Rowdy.  Hopefully, some of the footage will be included in the documentary and they took a lot of B roll shots so if you swam that day you may end up in the film (or you may end up on the cutting room floor).  I will let folks know when the film will air. Who knows we may have a premier showing, we shall see.

Congrats to George Mann who turned 80 and swam the lake butterfly.  In honor of this event, we have established the ButterflyMann award bumper sticker.  It’s easy, swim 1K butterfly, legally, with no swimming aids and you will get the bumper sticker. Don’t all rush to do it at once.  Oh yeah, we need confirmation by a reliable observer (Ron will need confirmation by 27 observers with a public notary).

Don’t forget the sign-up deadline for the Night Ops swim is rapidly approaching.  You need to sign up now to make sure you get the cool t-shirt.  The 4th Annual Lucky’s Lake Swim Black Ops Frogman Swim will be held Nov 11th  Sign up


Lake Cane Restoration Society Lake Front planting/education class is coming up Saturday.  Talk to Jay Madigan for more details.

Get your bumper sticker now.  Just swim a 1K butterflyMann at Lucky’s Lake Swim.

Three generations of Lucky’s Lake Swim swimmers. Marlie Dan and Mary Hayes. Over 25 years ago Dan shot Lucky in the head with a bottle rocket while Lucky was riding a jet ski a few feet from where this photo was taken. If you don’t believe me check out the video HERE.

George Mann (on his 80th birthday) with daughter Judy and swag for crossing the lake butterfly.

George Mann with water wings. I didn’t know that plastic was invented that long ago?

A possible poem entry for the lake cane restoration society. Written by George Mann in the 1940s. He liked swimming and butterfly even before the butterfly stroke was invented.

Rowdy Gaines with some of the DP high school swim team that swam the lake this Saturday. I believe only one of them finished in front of Rowdy.

ESPN filming Rowdy at the lake swim. Lucky is desperately trying to photobomb the shot but he is not a master of the art like Ron.

The epitome of cool is having this bumper sticker on your car . . . even if you are just using it to cover up some missing paint.

First-time swimmers on Saturday. Where do all of these people keep coming from? Eventually, we have to run out of first-time swimmers.

Where’s Waldo?