A reminder of our next big event is that ESPN is filming a biography on Rowdy Gaines this coming Saturday, Oct 14th. My understanding is we will have some refreshments following the swim and a special “gift” for the swimmers.  Rowdy, as most of you know, is a triple Olympic gold medalist in the 1984 games an inductee into the International Swimming Hall of Fame and Olympic Hall of Fame. He went on to become an NBC Olympic Sportscaster which he continues in this role.  Very deservedly so he is referred to as the “Ambassador of Swimming”. Rowdy has swum multiple times in the past at Lucky’s Lake Swim and he has asked ESPN to film him during our swim (Many thanks, Rowdy!!!).  We would like to have an excellent turnout for the swim Saturday, October 14th.  It’s great that Rowdy would show support for our swim so let’s be there to support him!  

October 17th George Mann “aka Cypress Sam” will be celebrating his 80th birthday by swimming the lake butterfly “The ButterflyMann Swim”. George is a pioneer with Lucky’s Lake Swim having been swimming the lake with Lucky since the early 90s.  Why George wants to do this nobody knows. You would think after 80 years he would be able to think of something a bit more civilized to do to celebrate.

Once George has done his crossing you will be able to earn this very cool sticker. All it takes is a 1K butterfly swim.

The 4th Annual Lucky’s Lake Swim Black Ops Frogman Swim will be held Nov 11th  Sign up Here.

Saturday November 11th Sign up Now!

Michael Freidman completes 600 crossing. What is the award for that you ask? Well, you’re looking at it, he gets to ring the big bell six times. Just think what he would do if the award was opium.


Lucky needs a lead. The underwater hockey team got in hot water with the State Health Dept. and had to remove their underwater hockey court from the YMCA Aquatic Center. After a long process the Y was able to get a variance for the court, but before it is replaced some of the bottom marking needs to be retouched. To do this Lucky needs an indoor or covered area that is flat and not exposed to water that is a minimum 75′ by 45′ if anyone knows of a warehouse, barn, banquet hall,  hanger, etc that might be usable for this purpose please let Lucky know. We need the area for about a week and would be able to pay a rental fee. Many thanks to anyone that knows of this kind of space.

A big GIANT thanks to Dave Winslow for making our steps safe. You the Man!

Amy Jackson scores her entry in the 1000K club. Not only is she a great swimmer but also a ferocious underwater hockey player. If you don’t believe me come on out to one of our scrimmages and she will school you.