Great news that ESPN is filming a biography on Rowdy Gaines. ESPN has done many hour-long biographies on sports celebrities and now it is finally time for a swimmer.  Rowdy, as most of you know, is a triple Olympic gold medalist in the 1984 games an inductee into the International Swimming Hall of Fame and Olympic Hall of Fame. He went on to become an NBC Olympic Sportscaster which he continues in this role.  Very deservedly so he is referred to as the “Ambassador of Swimming”. Rowdy has swum multiple times in the past at Lucky’s Lake Swim and he has asked ESPN to film him during our swim (Many thanks, Rowdy!!!).  We would like to have an excellent turnout for the swim Saturday, October 14th.  It’s great that Rowdy would show support for our swim so let’s be there to support him!  Marc Middleton with Growing Bolder did a great video of Rowdy’s first swim at Lucky’s if you missed it you can see it by Clicking Here

Although you may think ESPN is filming Rowdy because of his legendary swimming fame we all know that they are trying to cash in on Rowdy’s budding career as a zombie. If they gave academy awards for best zombie of the year . . . well you decide.

October 17th George Mann “aka Cypress Sam” will be celebrating his 80th birthday by swimming the lake butterfly “The ButterflyMann Swim”. George is a pioneer with Lucky’s Lake Swim having been swimming the lake with Lucky since the early 90s.  If you don’t believe it, see this first known video of a Lucky’s Lake Swim from 1994 below. It might be difficult to spot him as he still has hair and it’s not all gray.

The Annual Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic swim meet will be held the weekend of Oct 13-15th.  Sign up Here


The 4th Annual Lucky’s Lake Swim Black Ops Frogman Swim will be held Nov 11th  Sign up Here.

Saturday November 11th Sign up Now!

Bindergate continues: For those that closely follow the machinations of the Lake Cane Restoration Society be aware that the board continues to be mired in the deepening “Bindergate” controversy.  A source which prefers to be called only by the name “Shallow Throat” reveals that not only are there hidden meanings to the numbers on the board member’s binders, but the binder colors also have some form of cult-like symbolism.  Complaints have been noted by some board members that the font size of their personal binder should be bigger than the font size of some of the other board members. The font size envy faction of the board is becoming more vocal and aggressive and there have been undertones of a purge of these radical members.  Although the structure of the board seems stable for the moment if the “Shades of Green” Faction (It turns out if you do a spectral analysis of the green folders there are several slight color variations in the green color of the green binders making it unclear which shade designates more political clout.) forms a coalition with the Font Size Envy Faction then a real schism of the board could occur. When Board President Lucky was asked by a reporter for a comment, he screamed “This is SPARTA!” and pushed her into a bottomless pit; therefore this will probably not be the last you hear of “Bindergate”.  We can only hope that we can allow, even more time at the next board meeting to thoroughly vet this burgeoning controversy.

Lucky is very grateful for the nice birthday yo-yo he was given last week from the lake swimmers. Unfortunately, the posting of photos of men in speedos playing oversized yo-yos is illegal in Tajikistan where there is currently an outstanding warrant for Lucky’s arrest (might be a good law for the USA to consider as well) It is presently unclear whether Jerry is considered an accomplice.


Sonny Gorospe earned his entry into the exclusive 100K club. That’s equivalent time wise of watching the entire Game of Thrones series, but you don’t get a cool baseball cap for doing that!

Lucky’s Lake Swimmers representing at the Alligator Lighthouse relief swim on Siesta Key with a Van Gogh painting that they apparently looted from an empty evacuated home.

Ron Davis is selling his mansion on Lake Cane a great opportunity to own a home within walking distance of Lucky’s Lake Swim. Click on the information link to see more information and photos of the home.  We would like to see this home go to a good lake swimming family or even a naughty lake swimming family.   See information .

Luna “Lucky’s Lake Swim” new starter dog in training. Recently set a new record of pooping 3x peeing 3x in a space of 5 minutes. You could actually see the puppy get smaller. Everybody watch your step!