We just got notified that there is a shortage of blood in Central Florida so it is very timely that the Bloodmobile will be at Lucky’s Lake swim in the morning.  Many thanks ahead of time to all those that are donating blood!

If you are still without hot showers and electricity the YMCA Aquatic Center is happy for the community to come in for a shower and charge of electronic devices. You don’t have to be a member.

The Lake Cane Restoration Society had a very successful meeting at Pammie’s Sammies. The meeting ran smoothly with the exception of  “Bindergate” which was interesting to watch (you had to be there). We will be reporting further on “Bindergate” as more information comes forward.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Frogman 5K Night Ops swim on Nov 11th  Click here to sign up!

Two different perspectives of the Hurricane Irma swim one from each side of the lake. Thanks to Randy for filming the two individuals of “questionable intelligence” that he noticed swimming the lake in the morning.