If anyone shows up tomorrow for the Lake swim it will be at 7:45 am.  If the power is out the gate may be closed or blown part way closed so park on the road and walk around the fence if needed. We recommend not swimming if there is lightning.  We also recommend not swimming if you see, two by fours, human bodies or small vehicles flying through the air.

Audrey scores her 1000K club gold cap. Lucky hogs the picture. Where is Ron? I don’t believe this can be considered an official Lake Cane Swim Photo without Ron doing a photo bomb. We may have to retake it next week. BTW that knife Lucky is holding is made of Dragonglass, deadly against white walkers (Ice zombies), Gators, Lake Cane Monsters, and keeping Ron out of photos.

The newest addition to the Lucky’s Lake Swim family being walked by Saint Jacquie. Her name is Luna ( she has a crescent moon on her snout – it’s a stretch but if you squint your eyes you can see it) She is 8 weeks old and her breed is a very common Chewpeepoopador, she should evolve into a Newfoundland Landseer in about 10 more weeks.