The bad news is that a hurricane is coming and sharks have been sucked airborne in the eye of the storm  (see below news report) the good news is we will most likely be swimming. Saturday swim as usual 7:45 am.  I personally don’t recommend swimming if there is lightning, but if it is only wind and white caps well each of you has to judge you own personal insanity to decide whether to swim.

Monday’s swim time is changing to 7:45 am because almost everything is being shut down on Monday and no point in getting up early to do the swim if you don’t have to go to work.

Labor Day was a most excellent swim with 22 first timers.  Over 130 swimmers joined in.

Lake Cane Restoration Society board meeting next Thursday. If you don’t know anything about this meeting then you are probably not one of the cool people that will be attending. All lake swimmers are welcome to attend (by definition all lake swimmers are cool).

Blood letting on Saturday 16th (Blood Mobile) You know the old saying “you can’t get blood out of a turnip” well the IRS has proved this wrong again and again, so no excuses, roll up your sleeves and give or we will set the IRS on you.




An important news flash reported by Dave Heffernan. It’s on the internet it must be true!

Our very own Special Olympics super star Gregg Dedic (center of photo) finished crossing 1000 and received his gold cap. Congrats Gregg. Behind him and to Gregg’s left is Pete Gold who also made the 1000 K club a couple of weeks ago.  This did not get reported in a timely fashion because Lucky has fin envy. 

Seth Elsheimer scores his 500K club cap. Please notice the old school 200K shirt. This really dates you Seth.

Brice gets his 200K shirt which would normally be impressive but he did it the same day that Gregg got his 1000K club milestone and it’s tough to stand in the shadow of a legend.