The movie starts at 9:30 PM.   Vote on Movie will be at 9:25 PM.  If you want to vote, be here on time.  We swim after the movie.  You must watch the movie and do the swim to get the patch.

FYI is was reported a large animal was released in the Turkey Lake Road side of the lake today by folks in a black van missing its license plate.  The story is that it was 14  – 16 feet or so in length, but you know how people exaggerate, I’ll bet it wasn’t much bigger that 12-13 feet.  Observer said couldn’t tell what type of creature it was but it made a huge bow wave as it swam off.  Seemed to be scared of lights, which brings me to my next recommendation.

If you have one please bring a small flashlight with you to put in the safer swimmer buoy.  We have some for loan but only about 25. We need more.  Thanks


Tomorrow’s swim is at 7:45.   Fourth of July party starts at 5 pm tomorrow.  Bring the family and something to throw on the grill and something to share. BYOB

Here are your choices for the Movie before the midnight swim. The vote will be at 9:25 pm. You may plead your case for your movie of choice on Lucky’s Lake Swim Facebook page. Personally, I will be “shocked” if sharktopus doesn’t win.