Farewell Duck,  a good life but an unfortunate grisly demise, either a raccoon, possum or zombie took out our duck friend known as Duck late last night.  Duck was approaching his five hundredth crossing. Duck was one of the most famous of the Lucky’s Lake swimmers and one of the most aggravating, but still, he will be missed.  If you received an “I got ducked at Lucky’s Lake Swim sticker” hang on to it as it will surely become a collectible, no more will be made.  Duck was buried (very deeply cause we are still not quite certain about zombie aspect of the incident) overlooking the lake where he will be annoyed for all eternity that we are still not swimming in a straight line.  If you feel an underwater peck when going off course it is most likely the ghost of Duck correcting you.  A short film was made about Duck in 2014 you can see it HERE.  Goodbye Duck RIP

Duck, RIP. They will be creating poems about you, whether you like it or not.

Duck, swimming with Mi Hoshino. Duck would only swim with Mi, the rest of us were not worthy, he would only give us attention if we needed correcting.