What began as an amazing event rapidly broke down into sheer chaos in our 1st annual pool toy float parade. With only one minute left in the timetable for the final judging of the pool floats The Director of Awesomeness (Mike Friedman) was nowhere to be found. Rumors were circulating that he left early to have emergency open heart surgery, which is a completely unforgivable excuse to shirk his important responsibilities, but the truth has been ferreted out, and we have determined that he left to attend a garage sale. Although in the judging bylaws this is an acceptable excuse for absences, Lucky did start immediate impeachment proceedings, which were confirmed, and Tom Welch was elevated from his current position of director of the Lake Cane anti-terrorist committee and lead dessert taste tester to the Director of Awesomeness. After a brief acceptance speech, which seemed much longer that it really was, all things Lake Cane returned to normal and the festive event proceeded without other instances.   Late reports from the Michael Friedman camp suggest there may be a later coup d’etat attempt to try to regain his position as director of awesomeness, but Tom was seen borrowing Lucky’s zombie hunting razor yo-yo so there may be some resistance. We will keep you updated.


Many thanks to all that volunteered to make this wonderful event happen, and special thanks to the amazing Jay Madigan Executive, Director of the Lake Cane Restoration Society, who spearheaded the event. We saw many neighbors for the first time attending the event and we continued to raise awareness of the Lake Cane Restoration Society throughout the community. Over $1000 was raised for the Lake Cane Restoration Society.

If you would like to download some photos from the event taken by Saint Jacquie the link is here:  LCRS float parade photos

Special thanks to the band Lift who provided amazing music throughout the entire fete. http://liftirishband.weebly.com/about.html


Three very lucky folks won rain barrels in our raffle and if repeated brain trauma from Underwater Hockey had not been occurring I would list whom they were. I do remember, on the other hand, the judges and winners of the 1st annual pool toy float parade, which are listed below:


  1. Most dedicated to the Cause (Judged by Lucky) – The sole criteria for this award is who offers Lucky the most lucrative bribe.
      1. The Winner was Jake Meisenheimer who’s swimming cockroach was also the first pool float to finish the swim, which is not surprising as cockroaches will end up ruling the world. Not only was nepotism in play, but Jake was the only person to offer Lucky a bribe – fixing the blog so it could post pictures again.         Clearly, he has not come through, yet, on his bribe.
  2. People’s choice (Jerry’s pick based on dockside buzz)
      1. The winner was Steve and his incredibly long tube representing the actual size of the lake cane monster.
  1. Most Awesome (Judged by the newly appointed director of Awesome)
    1. The Winner was Simba and his Wilson Float

4.Silliest (Judged by the Minister of Silly Floats-Hugh)

  1. The winner was Ron Davis, who misspelled Lake Cane on his float and nearly caused the strangulation of his dog, Digger, with his fabulous noose around the neck dog pool toy design. PETA has now placed us on their watch list.

5.Most blatant product placement (Judged by LCRS Executive Director Jay Madigan)

  1. The winner was Pete Gold and his Narwhale with a Lucky’s Lake Swim bumper sticker placement.

6.“What the heck is going on now” (Judged by the lake swim matron saint, Jacquie)

  1. The winner was (I don’t remember who it was as I’m typing this, but the entry was the ring Float with the bell, Swim Trophy, and flashing thingies).


Memorial Day Swim May 29th –Lucky’s Lake Swim 7:45 AM

Jack Beattie Lake Swim June 3rd 10:30 AM

Special Olympics season is starting up June 6th at the YMCA Aquatic Center.  If you would like to help be a volunteer coach at 7:30 pm on Tuesday evenings please contact Lucky.